My blog even bores me lately. It's been a bit hard to find the time (or an internet connection strong enough) to blog over the past few weeks, but I'm determined to rediscover my inner blogger. I think she's still entranced with turquoise ocean views and beeping frogs.

We're finally, FINALLY furnishing our apartment properly. We bought two enormous chocolate-brown couches yesterday, which are being delivered on Monday, and we found a funky coffee table, so now we will be able to stretch out and enjoy downloaded TV in supreme comfort. One of said couches happens to be a queen-sized sofabed...since we've never found ourselves to be more popular than since we moved to Bermuda. People who we couldn't even entice to our Ottawa home with free beer are going to be showing up...and we're excited. This is a great place to be a visitor because you can, literally, experience the entire country in a week. Actually, you can literally see the whole country in under two hours, but there's plenty to do as well. It's going to be fun to show people around and take them fish watching.

The remainder of our stuff has made its way here and is waiting for us at the local airport. The pick-up times are conveniently 9-4, Monday to Friday. This is just perfect when you work 9-5. One of us (Kurt) is taking tomorrow morning off to haul it from one end of the island to the other, where we live, and tomorrow night is going to be like Christmas. I'm almost tempted to save the boxes for Christmas morning, since I really don't remember what's in them. It was so long ago that I packed them, and I was pretty much the living dead when I did, so what's in them is anyone's guess. I know one of them is the rest of my clothes. I honestly don't recall packing the rest of Kurt's clothes. Don't tell Kurt. My memory foam pillow is definitely in one of them as well, which is pretty exciting for me. I love that thing. I wish my iPod docking station had made it in, but I have a sneaking suspicion that in my haze I packed it away, classifying it with the "unnecessary" items. It is, of course, completely necessary.

Besides that, it's pretty much business as usual down/over here. It's HOT though...22/23 degrees every day and we went swimming in the ocean on Sunday, which was nothing short of fantastic. The water is weeds, no rocks...just white sand and clear, blue water. We're planning out our Christmas shopping right now, which is fun, but difficult when you only get paid once a month. You feel like you have all this money available to you, which technically you do, but it's easy to forget that there's not another paycheque coming until mid-January and that between now and then, we need to eat. And pay rent. Quite the switch from how things were for us in Canada. Still, a (careful) Christmas shop is happening later this week, along with my office's Christmas "cocktail reception", another corporate shopping night birthday. Which I forget about continuously because I've never been this warm this close to my birthday. I'm turning 26 this year. Unless someone can convince me that 27 is actually still in my "mid-twenties", in which case I'll succumb to the truth.


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of being 'anonymous', but with no blogger account, I have no choice.

I can't wait until you are unfolding that gloriously large sofabed for the Fullerton clan. I hope fall 2008 comes quickly.......

And just to make you feel slightly better than you already do - my car got stuck yesterday. Stupid snow. I want clear, weedless oceans too.

Jaia sends smooches and tells you to keep on blogging.


Mostly Lisa said...

i'm totally feeling the boring blogger blues with you and heather. it's hard to keep it up, especially when you want to live life instead of observing it, then contemplating about it, then writing a thoughtful piece about it with a complementing photo montage. it takes serious time.

i didn't have internet for an entire week whilst i was in Jamaica and after the first few days of major withdrawal, i enjoyed just being.

my new philosophy is blog when you want to blog and when it is fun to do so. when it isn't fun anymore, just take a break and in a few weeks, inevitably, you'll find something to rant about.

PS do you like Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (UK) so so so good.

Anonymous said...

I just decorated my tree to the tunes of my Kris-mas cd - thank you again! Alvin and the Chipmunks was a stroke of genius. Thinking of you! - rachel

Heather said...

Ok, time for an update. I mean REALLY.

Even I went back to pseudo-blogging...

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