Notable and least, according to me.

There has been some interesting stuff in the news lately.

1. Dr. Henry Morgentaler, quite possibly the most controversial Canadian ever, has received the Order of Canada. This should bring the wackos from both ends of the political/social spectrum out in full force.

2. Some rich hotel tycoon died in the 90's, leaving his wife a multi-multi-billion dollar fortune. She, in turn, died last year and left the entire her dog.

3. Housing Correction. (!!!!)

4. Eating a small square of chocolate right after breakfast might be good for you.

5. A woman in Southern Ontario had a stroke and woke up with a Newfie accent. Apparently, this is called "Foreign Language Syndrome". I kind of want it. I probably wouldn't go for Newfoundland though...maybe I'd suit a nice Texan drawl. Or a Swedish lilt.

6. The Canadian Embassy in Washington sent out an invitation to Canada Day celebrations depicting Samuel de Champlain eating a bowl of poutine. The President of the Impératif français, a group that defends and promotes the French language, called the embassy's behaviour "contemptuous and unacceptable." I think it's funny. The Embassy has apologized.

Of course, there is a lot more going on in the world than the above, and I could go on and on about wars, bombs, and the latest uprising in Indonesia...but really, and this might make me sound shallow but I'd bet money on the fact that most of you would rather read about the billionaire dog, I find these stories more interesting this morning. I'm not really in a doom-and-gloom place right now. Maybe tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Re: Item #6 Champlain and Poutine

I followed the link you provided and read the article. I love this little gem:

"Mr. Perreault wants Prime Minister Stephen Harper to offer “sincere” apologies nationally and internationally because the invitation appeared on the Internet. “The way the Canadian government, through its embassy, treats the francophone aspect of Canadian identity has been seen internationally,” he said."

What an incredible asshat! Somebody takes themselves and their stupid cheese-eating, surrender monkey culture far too seriously.


Anonymous said...

... and further, since when is Champlain the "property" only of French-speaking Canadians? Champlain is part of the shared history of ALL Canadians. I should demand an apology from the embassy for apologizing to these culture thieves who have misappropriated MY history!


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