This would be fantastic if...

...I didn't already have a full-time job. The photography thing, that is. Wow. I am having a blast with it but it's a lot of work!

In the past two weeks I've had three shoots - two portrait shoots and one event photoshoot which lasted 4 hours on Saturday afternoon. By the end of it, I had a callous on my thumb and nearly 1000 shots to go through. The final cut for the clients was about 400, but let's just say...the editing took care of what was left of Saturday and my entire day on Sunday. I love the process and time flies by while I'm in the middle of it, but when I finally stood up just in time to see the late afternoon light, I realized just how much time it really takes.

Regardless, I was able to turn the photos around and deliver them to my clients today, which they were thrilled about.

I don't really know what my plans are for this business. While I'm very attracted to the idea of doing this full-time, I'm not sure how to get comfortable with the idea of sporadic income. I love my dependable monthly paycheque and to just *not know* what kind of income I would be bringing home? Scary thought. For me, anyways. I am charging a bit for photoshoots now, but still treating this mainly as a portfolio building exercise, so that if I do decide at some point that this is what I want to do, I'll have the experience I need to get it up and running quickly.

Anyhoo...I've made my first investment into this little side business. Besides the gigantic investment of time, which I hadn't really previously given much thought to. My relationship with my Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop are numbered because...I bought an iMac. It was totally an impulse purchase. A few Saturdays ago, K and I wandered into the local Apple retailer and I walked out 15 minutes later with a receipt in my hand. The idea of purchasing a desktop for my photography had been in my head for awhile, but I hadn't thought a lot about what make/model I wanted, other than the fact that I wanted a screen at least 20" wide. I have never had a Mac, and had never seriously considered getting one, but I played around with the iMac model in the store for less than 10 minutes before deciding that it was The One. I know I have a learning curve ahead of me with the whole PC to Mac thing, but I'm up for it. And I'm SO excited to pick it up! It was ordered the day I bought it, so I'm expecting a call in the next day or so to bring home my new baby.

Stay tuned. I will be holding on to my laptop until I've mastered the Mac, for emergency purposes.

In other news, we are gearing up for our trip on Saturday! The countdown is on. At 5:01 p.m. I will officially be in vacation mode. Actually, who am I kidding? Friday is going to be a write-off.


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