Bad wine and other things...

At about this time yesterday, I was dealing with a pretty severe hangover. The unfair part about the whole thing, is that all I had to drink the night before was a dark 'n stormy and half a glass of (apparently rancid) white wine. I remember thinking as I was drinking the wine that something It just didn't taste right. I like wine, and I actually had a hard time drinking it, which is why after gagging down half a glass (mostly to be polite to the person who bought it for me), I conveniently "left" it by the pool table and "forgot" to reclaim it before it was picked up by the bar staff. Unfortunately, that half glass was all it took to leave me horizontal until about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, when I finally peeled myself away from my pillow and hauled my pounding head to the beach for a swim. Swimming in the ocean, by the way, is an excellent hangover cure. It was such a waste of a Sunday, minus the beach part, and has totally put me off wine altogether.

Even more unfair? My boss, who had spent the ENTIRE evening and night pounding tequila shots, felt totally fine the next day. It's just not right.

The weekend, as usual, flew by far too quickly. Thanks in part, I suppose, to me sleeping half of Sunday away. The weather is AMAZING right now. Laila and Dallas are in for one hot vacation. Even at 3 p.m. yesterday, with clouds rolling in from every direction, the beach was hot, the water was warm and both of us got some (more) sun. It's just getting better and better too, though I'm starting to get a little worried about what July and August feel like around these parts. With the windows open and the ceiling fans going full-blast, our place is still pretty warm. Warm enough that I wake up a few times each night to readjust myself to a cooler part of the bed (a.k.a. far away from Kurtis, who is like a furnace when he sleeps).

We did some exploring on Saturday and found a hiking trail near our house that took us down to a very secluded beach with a long stretch of pink sand and reefs just a few metres out into the water. We're going to go back with our snorkels and see what's up down under, but we were told that there are some barracudas laying eggs there right now, so maybe this can wait for a few weeks. I'm not super interested in getting up close and personal with barracudas.

I missed my 10 year high school reunion on Saturday night. Before Facebook came along, I would have made every effort to be there for it, but now that I've already caught up with 90% of the people I'd lost touch with, I didn't feel too sad about missing out. It feels strange that 10 years have gone by since I roamed those halls (or the parking lot, as the case may be) certainly doesn't seem like that long. Anyways, I have a little mini-reunion planned with some of my favorite MD Grad 98's for when I'm home in July. There will be some Boyz 2 Men involved.

This week is shaping up to be an interesting one. I can't say more than that until Thursday or Friday, but I have some big news coming down the pipes...stay tuned.


Heather said...

Hopefully you're back on the wine wagon to join me for a bottle of Kim Crawford at HR in July??

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Don't you mean Boyz II Men?

Yes, I too felt little remorse at missing it. I am stalking facebook for photos though - sadly, not many up yet!

x rachel

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