So, the new job apparently equals blog abandonment. I feel bad. Guilty. Like it's sitting here, waiting for me and I ignore it while I get sucked in to random unmentionable fall TV.

Fall is upon some of you, but it hasn't arrived here yet. I don't actually think that the Rock has a fall, just a slightly cooler season with a bit more wet (and a touch of hurricane here and there) and then back to hot. It's so damn hot right now that it's hard to move around outside and our lunch hours are turning into 20 minute breaks so we can get back inside to the air conditioning. However, we haven't let the heat cramp our style and are still dragging ourselves to the gym six mornings a week. SIX. I can hardly believe it, but we're four weeks in now and have not missed one single workout. It feels like a routine now, so I think we're over the dangerous zone where it's easy to miss one...then two...then infinity. I tell myself that bicep definition makes the 6:00 wake up calls worth it, but I am clearly not fooling myself. There are mornings that I would absolutely kill to toss my alarm clock across the room and stay put.

In other news, I have finished the first of the teen sensation Stephanie Meyer books and...I confess, I liked it. I'm a little bit into vampires now, I have to say. Or Edward, anyways. After a bad experience with a certain boy wizard, I didn't have high hopes for the vampire series, but I was pleasantly surprised. Though, my least favorite character is the main character, only because she is a bit of a drama queen. She says things "icily" and "snips" and gets in a huff WAY too easily. Or maybe the author just ran out of ways to say "said". Though, she is a teenager, so I suppose a certain amount of icy snippy retorts is expected. Anyways, done and onto the next one. I'm so glad I'm 3 behind because I hate waiting for a whole other book to be 1) written and 2) published before finding out what happens.

I love to see kids...or teenagers...young adults...getting into books. I've always loved to read and have always surrounded myself with stacks of books to read, and fill up virtual shopping carts with my wish list of books to read down the road. Even though I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world (or any kind of fan at all), I absolutely love seeing the hype, not for the movies, but for the books themselves. Seeing kids, even little ones, lining up to get their hands on a copy always made me excited for them, and happy to see that yes, kids are still into books.

On the other hand, and on a small venting note...I hate seeing kids glued to video games when they could be reading, or playing outside, or doing any other normal kid stuff. Sure, we had them around when we were kids but I don't remember wasting entire days inside playing them...I remember it being a much more limited option, actually. But now I guess it's just easier to plug the kid into something that makes noises and has flashing lights to keep them quiet than it is to read to them, or tell them to go ride their bike, or just go play outside. How these kids will function in the real world is beyond me. There is a kid who takes our ferry who sits next to his mom, playing his silly game, while she tries to have a conversation with him and he just completely tunes her out. Every single day. Why she doesn't throw it overboard is beyond me...I've come close a few times.

We're finally, FINALLY getting ready to send out our save-the-date cards, artfully created by a certain Forgetful. They're lovely and I've been dying to get them out but since we made some pretty biggish changes to our wedding, we didn't want to send them until we'd updated the wedding website (the address is on the cards) to reflect the changes. I guess they're not that gigantic...we just wanted to edge out some of the crap that was eating away at us with the original plans and found a solution for the reception that we're thrilled with and that we think our guests will enjoy more. We know our guests...and we know us...and the original plan just wasn't jiving. Anyways, hopefully they'll be out by the end of the week and we can wash our hands of the wedding...for now.

The job is still going great, though I'm officially the opposite of bored. It's so busy that there are days (like today) where I work my ass off and end up having the same "to do" stack on my desk at the end of the day as there was when I started. It's ridiculous. But, I like it.

OK, that's it for now....but I'm slowly getting back on the blog train so it won't be as long before I update again, for all three of you who even read this anymore. I have been Flooging a bit though, in case you need some dinner ideas.


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