Remember when I blogged?

I do...vaguely. It's been weeks without a post and don't think for a second that I haven't thought about this poor little blog, sitting all alone in cyberspace, unloved and alone, at least once every day. I have. Unfortunately, a series of unfortunate events has prevented me from doing some much needed blogging. Much needed because it's where I vent, not because any of you are particularly anxious to hear about what I've been up to.

It's Wednesday evening and I'm sitting in my work clothes (read: slightly uncomfortable when compared to my regular evening attire of lulus and a t-shirt) and I'm blogging from Kurt's laptop. Why? Well, remember that gorgeous little HP I bought at about this time last year? Actually, it was exactly 13 months ago now. Well, it was the best computer ever until the effin' thing melted. Literally. Motherboard...fried. Apparently, my little laptop had a fairly common fan problem, meaning that the fan couldn't keep it cool enough and so, one day last week, it just quietly died. I'm still mourning, because it really was the best computer I've ever dealt with and it had served me well...until two weeks after the warranty expired. Bastards. At least it was only $600 to begin with and it was, to put it lightly, heavily, heavily used. I got my $600 worth, but I'm bummed that it couldn't have lived the life of a normal, at least another year.

So, obviously I had to find another computer RIGHT AWAY. My laptop was my lifeline. It's how I viewed Jaia's progress from enchanting infant to adorable toddler. It's how I find out what's for dinner. It's where I pay the bills, watch TV, download aforementioned TV, name it. Lifeline. Without it, I quite literally have nothing to do in the evenings but read unless Kurt lets me use his, which I mostly just feel guilty about, because then HE has nothing to do but read. There are worse things than reading, but I do look forward to some computer time to connect to the real world.

I thought (very briefly) about going Mac but then talked my way back out of it when I discovered a) how ridiculously expensive they are considering what you're getting, b) how RIDICULOUSLY expensive they are here, considering the extra duties and surcharges they pile on, and c) that I would probably lose all of my hours and hours of logging financial data into Quicken. Seriously...that was a deciding factor. So, after about 1 hour of deliberation, I went Dell. A pretty, red Dell with a gigantic hard drive and 3 GB of memory...for approximately a quarter of the cost of the most comparable Mac (which had a much smaller hard drive and memory). Unfortunately, I decided to go the honest route and clicked on the "I WILL BE EXPORTING THIS COMPUTER OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES" button and therefore the laptop, which was supposed to be shipped to me on Monday, was subject to some delays while they confirmed that I am not, in fact, a terrorist. I think they've confirmed it now, so hopefully I'll have it here on Monday at the latest. What a hassle. HP...not so much.

So, that is my excuse and I think it covers me for at least the last week or so.


Can you believe that it has been seven weeks since we started our daily trips to the gym and that we have not skipped ONE workout? I can't. It astounds me. I admit that this morning's workout was a little half-assed on my part, but at least I was there. I was more interested in the episode of My Super Sweet 16 than I was in my lunges, but I DID lunge. Oh, I lunged.

I'm starting to get really excited about the wedding, now less than a year away. We've made some movement on the plans and are starting to plan out some activities around the wedding for out-of-towners, or in-towners who want an excuse to take some August time off. I'm sure there will be a few. Anyways, it's shaping up nicely.

Work is going great. That's pretty much all I have to say about that but it's busy, it's interesting and the days are flying by. I can't believe that it's almost the end of September. What?

I am utterly engrossed in Season 3 of the L Word. Or, the start of it anyways. Dana and Alice broke up? Alice is a psycho with a Dana shrine? Attachment parenting? WTF? Can't wait to see what's next. We're also watching Weeds again, which just gets better and better, though I hear that at some point it's going to take a turn for the worse.

That's all my news for the day. Just waiting patiently for my laptop's status to move from "IN PRODUCTION" to "SHIPPED". It cannot arrive fast enough.

Bye for now.


Shannen said...

You were very missed. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

You'll be sorry you didn't go Mac, but ignorance is bliss. ;)


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