Well, we're back from our trip to Ottawa and not super happy to be, to be quite honest. We had an awesome time. Last year's trip to Ottawa was so rushed and busy that we hardly had any time to enjoy ourselves. This year, we made a point of enjoying every day and spacing the annoying stuff out enough so that we could fit in all of the things we wanted to do and, with a few exceptions, we got it all done. It was great.

The whole time I lived in Ottawa, I was missing Victoria. And now that I'm on the Rock, I miss both. Sometimes one over the other, like now. And surprisingly, it's not my lovely hometown that I'm having a hard time being away from. Ottawa is full of so many happy memories for me, and most of our memories as a couple...special spots, favorite restaurants, stuff we used to do together...I guess after everything that went down this summer, I'm finding myself feeling nostalgic for those times. Not that the Rock doesn't have it's high points. But we had a blast doing "normal" stuff, like wandering around Chapters with hot pumpkin spice lattes, and driving down the Queensway listening to music. Sounds pretty blah, but felt so familiar and nice to be able to live our old lives for a week or so.

We wandered the Market, ate Beavertails, shopped for beads (ok, that was me), did many, many laps of the Rideau Centre, sorted through boxes of stuff from our house that we left behind, had pho at phive (or mid-afternoon, anyways) with Shan and Jaia, BBQ'd some salmon, visited friends, caught up with the ladies of LUNLF over Thai food, photographed KKB and her new main man, Myles, and topped it all off with Mike and Krystal's wedding in Quebec. All in all? An amazing trip. And now we're back, moping around the apartment and wistfully making comments about what we might be doing if we were still there.

We are so geographically challenged. Sometimes, it's just too much. TOO MANY MILES. I'm so bored of airports. I wish we could just have our roots down somewhere and have our families and friends close by. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

I can see us going back to Ottawa, sometimes, if I think really hard and forget about everything that happens in Ottawa between December and April. Our Ottawa friends are a special bunch. I'm hating that we're missing out on so much of their lives, but happy that we're able to get there in 4 hours if we need to.

Anyways...I digress. I'm going to move on from my Ottawa love fest. The goodbye is still somewhat raw.

Speaking of raw, remember my root canal retreatment? Well, that was fun. Yesterday morning, I made my way downtown from the Toronto Airport on the subway (an experience all on its own), found my way to the endodontic specialist I was referred to, and spent 3 glorious hours in the chair, having my tooth fixed by the best of the best. Or so I've been told. And according to the internet. I felt pretty confident, but woke up today with a chipmunk cheek so I'm feeling sorry for myself now. Mostly because I look like I took a punch to the jaw. But, I suppose it was a pretty big infection and I'm not in any pain, so I'm feeling pretty good about it all. I'm hoping that this is the last I hear from this effin' tooth. If I have to go to work looking like this tomorrow, I'm not going to be very happy.

OK, I have to get to bed ASAP. I had a fab sleep last night in the most comfortable bed either (thank you, Hilton Toronto Airport), but it was cut short by my flight back to the Rock, so I'm more than just a little bit exhausted!


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