So, I read this blog on a semi-regular basis...I'd say 2 or three times a month. She usually blogs more than once a day, but I enjoy watching her bump her net worth up and she's sent me in the direction of some good deals. Plus, she's from my beloved hometown, so I feel like we have something in common. A kinship, if you will. Whatever. I like her blog. Anyways, her blog is all about personal finance, though she's pretty real and honest and talks a lot about her life, hobbies, plans, etc. as well and last week, she decided to buy a car. A car that is worth approximately what her net worth was calculated to be prior to the purchase, with a difference of about $5K. While I was surprised at the purchase (I started reading the blog back when she was clawing her way out of heavy student debt and wouldn't spend a penny on herself without overanalyzing every other possible use for said penny), that's about the extent of the thought I gave it. She bought a car. Good for her. While driving a brand new car off the lot isn't really my bag, I can see the allure. She's worked hard to save money and really, who cares?

OH...a lot of people care. She posted about the purchase and was greeted with a shitstorm of comments about how irresponsible a purchase she had just made. Comments from complete strangers under the impression that their opinions, somehow, matter. And then she responds back with a well-worded post that essentially said PFO without saying PFO to the trolls and explained, though she didn't have to, that her blog is her blog and her money is her money. And THAT illicited another shitstorm from people who have way, WAY too much time on their hands.

What a bunch of morons.

I think about this sometimes - this whole blog thing. What is it really about, and why do we do it? I started my blog, my original (more fabulous than this blog) blog to stay in touch with friends who are far away, and share pictures and random thoughts. Then I felt like it was too general, so I tried to make it more specific, about a certain aspect of my life. Then that got boring, so I made it general again. And then I stopped blogging altogether for a long time, and then I revived my blogging self by starting this blog when we decided to move to the Rock, expecting to document the many fascinating aspects of our new adventure.

And then we realized that life on the Rock is just life...on a rock.

And now I'm back to a general, rambling blog that no one can really learn anything useful from, other than my occasional product reviews and why I love sleep masks (very useful) and how homesick I get sometimes (even more useful).

Honestly, I blog because I like to write. And if no one ever reads this...I'm OK with that. Writing is something I have done, in various forms, since I could hold a pencil. I wrote stories about ponies and Indians (seriously) when I was a kid because, for whatever reason, I felt like ponies and Indians were a story that needed to be told.

This blog is my story. INCREDIBLY BORING at times, but a story, nonetheless. I can look back at my old blog, which started in 2005, and remember what it was like when Kurt and I were a brand new couple. When I still thought I would be back in Victoria in 2008. What it was like to have a difficult time scrounging up rent money, and what it was like to live with mental roommates. I can remember the bitter cold of Ottawa winters and the excitement leading up to holidays. The turmoil surrounding our move to the Rock and the period of uncertainty before we were both settled into jobs. It's all there, still, just where I left it.

Sometimes, that creeps me out. But mostly, I like it.


Heatherness said...

I read it! I'm here!

And it's not boring. It's life =)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is my favourite. I have been blogging since 2003 but seriously, there's been almost no effort of late. I don't know what happened (babies?) but I don't feel able to write a single interesting thing any more. I used to think 'must blog that' and now I just don't think anymore. Your blog has inspired me to try and get beyond my usual 'this is what I did today' writing - unfortunately, I've not managed to come up with anything yet... Maybe time for a new blog? Anyway, don't beat yourself up over it. I love what you write.

x rachel

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