A few weeks back, we had ourselves a lovely little vacation to Cayman. Affectionately known as CayMAN, because that is how it is pronounced on the island, by the locals, in their lovely Caymanian lilt. After the two weeks I spent there last year, I was looking forward to showing Kurt a different rock and now that we have friends who live there, a cheap vacation was in the cards. As far as timing goes, the weekend kind of picked us. We were thinking March, and then we found out that good friends of ours from Victoria, the lovely Heather Anne and her husband James, were going for her March (and landmark) birthday...and that settled it. We booked and flew out of here on Thursday the 9th, cruised through the glorious(ly awful) Miami International Airport and arrived in the CayMAN heat in the early afternoon.

After living essentially like mushrooms, in the wind, rain and gloom that has hung over our little rock for the past few months, my natural SPF factor was approximately 2 and my Vitamin D count was close to nil. The sun felt fabulous, to say the least.

We stayed for a long weekend, and left Monday morning with sunburns, mild hangovers, and an overall feeling of satisfaction. Between the delicious meals (CayMAN has awesome restaurants), the great visits with our friends, and the full day cruise and BBQ on our new friends' amazing dive boat, it was a pretty fun-packed weekend. Of course, it wasn't all perfect. A few too many drinks on Saturday resulted in at least FIVE SOLID HOURS in the pool, which my skin is still hating me for, just a bit.

Those drinks also, apparently, morphed me from my normally polite and even somewhat reserved self, to some sort of mannerly-challenged person who drunkenly asks people how old they are, repeatedly, for hours. When I found out about this the next day, I was horrified. I don't even know exactly how old some of my closest friends are, because I just. don't. ask. Because that is how classy people (ahem) operate. But give me a margarita or two and I will mine through your personal stats ASAP. And then I'll wait a few minutes and ask you again. Loudly.

I have no recollection of this, incidentally. This means that I still don't know how old they are.

Besides that, it was all good. We had a blast. I think a 2011 repeat performance is in the works!


Shannen said...

I'm so glad you had a great time in CayMAN - but more importantly, I'm so glad you are back to blogging. And then two updates at a time! Yay!

Heatherness said...

A couple of things:
1. My head looks impossibly gigantic next to your head. Is mine HUGE or do you just have a small head?
2. You. Are. A. HILARIOUS drunk person. Don't be horrified...we have ALL been there.
3. It wasn't 2 was more like 8.


Kristin. said...

1. I think it's all in the angles. Your head isn't huge at all (and mine isn't small...I don't think...)
3. It wasn't even margaritas...I totally forgot that I was on the vodka soda train that day, with a few splashes from the margarita machine. Ouch.

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