New Babies.

Because we don't have enough going on, Kurt and I have decided to expand our family, whilst simultaneously and systematically shutting down our Canadian lives. Yes...whilst. So far this has mostly involved closing accounts, telling the Liberal Party to stop spamming me, and burning a gigantic box full of our financial pasts...which really has nothing to do with leaving the country, but is a lot faster than shredding every. single. thing. Going forward, I'm going to aim to destroy irrelevant but yet possible identity-theft inducing materials on an annual basis, as opposed to a "every 14 years" basis. It would have been a much smaller fire, involving far fewer toxic chemicals being infiltrated into our marshmallows.

On Friday evening, after a somewhat questionable "work day", I busted a move over to Best Buy and purchased us each a new laptop to take with us. We've been watching the sales for awhile and figured that the ones aimed at broke students are probably best for us as well, so we jumped on the first one that fit our criteria:

-fast-ish processor
-small-ish screen
-HP or Toshiba (throwing a conversion to Mac into my life right now would put me over the edge)
-DVD player
-doesn't suck

Last Friday, laptops that fit this description perfectly went on sale, and now we have two of them in our living room, doing whatever it is that laptops do when you put them into "hibernate" mode. HP, 14.1" screens, 160GB hard drive. They're so cute. Like babies, but less loud and replaceable when we get bored of them. They were cheap-ish too, so we're pretty thrilled. Now I'll be able to blog from the beach...which doesn't sound nerd-ish at all.


Heather said...

Nerd Alert.


Only Apples for this girl said...

Boo. I hate you. I don't think we can be friends anymore. PCs ahhhhh *runs away without looking back*

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