Mug Update.

Despite my clever 'Missing' sign and numerous walks around the floor, my mug has not been returned, either to my desk or to the cupboard. However, someone did leave another ivory-colored mug on my desk, with my notice attached to it, assuming...I assume...that it was mine. It was not. Inferior in nearly every capacity to the one I had lost, it also had the added distinction of still having the remainder of someone's coffee in the bottom of it. Seriously.

My boss, realizing my annoyance over office mug theft, actually (very nicely) presented me with a new mug on Friday afternoon. It has some distinguishing markings (some leaves and a few stripes) and looks to be every bit the mug as my previous one.


Katie said...

sounds like some serious office drama Kristin. Keep us updated as the story unfolds.

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