Playing Hostess.

I have been a very delinquent blogger over the past week because we've been enjoying the company of our very first house guest. Clay arrived last Friday and is staying for a week - his first real vacation in over four years. We were pretty excited for him to get here. He's the first of our wedding party (or our friends from home) that we've celebrated our engagement with, and the island rolled out the red carpet for him with amazing weather all weekend. Our own red carpet was pretty lacklustre...he's pretty much the most easygoing houseguest imaginable and just kind of blended in. We're already a little bit sad that he'll be leaving, and he's not even gone yet.

Last weekend, we decided to take him out for our first real night out on the island. We've had a few nights here and there, none of them late, none of them messy. Last Saturday was both very late and very messy, and ended with me stealing someone's hat (I didn't hear about this until last night, when Kurt found it in the back of the car), drinking far more than my lame alcohol tolerance will allow (in reality, about 7 drinks...haha), and spending nearly all of Sunday feeling like absolute ass. For me, there is nothing worse than a bad hangover. Along with the incredible illness is the incredible guilt of missing out on a day of amazing weather because I couldn't stop throwing up. Sad. Even sadder was the fact that the boys were totally fine and spent the afternoon on the beach, swimming and roasting themselves on the pink sand.

Anyways, he's having an awesome time, despite the fact that we made him walk 6 km on a broken toe (I swear, I didn't know), and the fact that he witnessed some violence the other day, when we watched some adorable teenagers break a couple of glass bottles over the head of another teenager, slicing his head open and leaving him missing a few chunks of his face. Awesome! Talk about an awkward silence. Apparently all the violence here is gang related, but for such a small place, it seems pretty hardcore. Whatever happened to wedgies?

I hate teenagers, by the way. I'm a bit embarassed about having been one. The ones here seem particularly loathesome.

We watched an awesome movie last night. If you haven't seen Juno, I highly recommend it. It was nominated for some awards, so I figured it would probably be OK, but we were all surprised by just how much we did enjoy it. Though, I won't be running out to buy the was a little too Napoleon Dynamite for me. Speaking of, I have gone too long without a dose of ND...time for a viewing, I think. I have a coworker who looks just like LaFawnda. For reals. She even has the same fingernails.

So...that's what we've been up to. Clay is already looking into booking a return trip during the four-day weekend in July (I heart national holidays), so I guess the island has made a good impression. It's hard not to though, when you have pink sand and turquoise water and appear to be sunny all the time. I'd almost forgotten just how incredibly beautiful it is's nice to have a reason to appreciate all of that beauty through a new set of eyes.


Heather said...

I bought the Juno soundtrack and I love it. Call me quirky.

I could use a dose of white sand this week. It IS a vacation week afterall...but what do I get? RAIN.

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