Unsolicited Product Endorsement: SIGG Bottles.

If you know me well, you know that I'm never very far from a source of water. I inhale the stuff...anywhere between 2 and 3 litres throughout the day. Consequently, I have tried a number of water-carrying options for work and weekends.

Since the 90's, I have been a devout Nalgene kind of girl. I have had many of their bottles, dating back to the days when I worked outdoors for the YM-YWCA and needed something that I could carry easily in my backpack, toss into a kayak, or hang off my rock-climbing harness. Nalgene fit the bill and I have always had a few of them kicking around.

The water here is safe to drink, but since it's collected rainwater, it has a distinctive taste that I can only describe as "pond". It tastes like a frog. So, we stocked up on Brita filters and that takes care of it, though you still have to consume it quickly because if it sits around and reaches room temperature, that pond taste and smell seem to return. Unpleasant. I recently started looking around for an alternative to my polycarbonate Nalgenes and found SIGG bottles. I've now had mine for about a week and I'm hooked. And hydrated. The pond smell is a distant memory and my water stays much colder for longer. Plus, since it's not plastic, that nagging voice in the back of my head warning me about plastic leaching into my water is gone. No more worries.

I highly recommend them. I know that Klean Kanteens are pretty popular right now too for all of the same reasons, but we can't get those here. The SIGG is prettier too. Because that's what's really important.


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