Car Wanted.

It's been a few months now since we sold our "car". We've seen it around (have I mentioned that this place is small?) and it's looking much better than before, but the thought of it and it's perpetually falling-apartness still haunts me. It got us to the airport and back a few times, so it wasn't a TOTAL bust. Just mostly a bust.

We were so excited once it was gone because we were going to make it with just a scooter. That was the plan. Get the biggest scooter possible (to accomodate as many grocery bags as possible) and do it island-style. What we failed to note during the conjuring up of this brilliant plan was the fact that the majority of our fellow islanders also own a car and that there is actually a reason for this. This reason is rain.

Oh, and total inconvenience. Together.

The first few months post car (P.C.) were great. However, it's gotten notably cooler lately and with that has come some very notable rainstorms, all of which seem to happen conveniently at 5:00 p.m., just as we're getting off work. This is not awesome. Waiting it out isn't always an option either, so we've been toughing it out for the past few weeks and have showed up at home looking like drowned rats a number of times now. It's a tad miserable, and "winter" hasn't even hit yet.

Last weekend, after spending a day and a half totally cooped up in the apartment because it was actually too wet to go anywhere on the bike, we realized that life on the island without a car isn't all it we hoped it would be. Sure, the $7.50 gas bills are awesome but trying to get home from the airport with luggage is not.

So...we're looking for a car. We have some criteria this time around:

1. It will not be a Ford. Especially not a Ford of the European variety.
2. It will not be a piece of crap.

I don't think that's too much to ask, really.


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