August 4: A Boat or Two...

Sunday was the end of the Rock's annual four-day long weekend, and is always the day of boating. There are races, live music and events, all in the little bay behind our house, but mostly it just means that there are a LOT of boats. Check this out.

We weren't out on a boat this year, because I had a badly-timed haircut and by the time we got home, it was WAY too hot to think of tracking down someone to come in to the beach and pick us up (and the whole bay was a boat parking lot so no one could move easily anyways), so we just watched from the shore.

I love boats. I've managed to get on one every weekend so far this summer...and there are lots of weekends left before the boats get moored for the winter. Good news for me...bad news for my perpetual raccoon eyes tan.


Ashleigh said...

You've been on a boat everyone weekend?? Tramp!

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