August 16: Home Already?

That week went by shockingly fast. I feel like I was just sitting here, uploading TV shows onto my iPod for the plane and mentally going over my packing list (while procrastinating actual packing). However, I spent the last 7 days in my lovely hometown. It was slightly chaotic, but we packed a LOT in. In point form:

- Tamami Sushi (I drool for their salmon sashimi)
- Cowichan Bay/Merridale Cidery/City of Totems
- Saltspring Island
- Moka House almond milk lattes
- Velvet Wednesday
- Jewelry-making course (I am now going to become a famous jewelry artist)
- Heron Rock (x3). Pickled Caesars were spot on.
- Quality time with Dan/Shan/Bean. I am so in love with that kid. And SO loved hanging out with them and showing them some of my favorite spots!
- Quality time with Christa, a good friend of mine from Ottawa, and her boyfriend Alex. Fun times.
- Quality time with my Victoria people. All of them. I miss you all TONS when I'm not there.
- Driving on the right.
- Beacon Hill Drive In.
- Brunch/lunch with my ladies on Saturday morning.

I love home. And I'll be back in 4 months or so, so I don't even have to be sad and gloomy about leaving it all behind.

Next up, Ottawa in September. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I want to be back in 4 months. Jealous! Great to catch up though I'm sorry I never got a photo of you and Leo :o( Come to Scotland for a photo sesh? x Rachel

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