Happy Hour.

One of our more civilized pastimes on the Rock, not to be confused with the uncivilized pastimes in which we also partake occasionally, is Happy Hour. Every Friday night through the summer (starting in April and ending in October - yes, that is summer), us working folk shut down our computers, turn off the BlackBerrys (or at least ignore any work-related calls) and enjoy a cheeky drink or two (or eight) together at one of the local designated Happy Hour spots. For the most part, Happy Hour happens at one of two major hotels and for the past few weeks, we've been making our way to the other one. It involves a 5 minute ferry ride on a tiny catamaran, $5 drinks ($2 cheaper than the original Happy Hour) and...it has an amazing view of the sunset.

A little live music...a cold drink in hand...good friends and a great view...what's not to love?


Shannen said...

Can I come?

(P.S. Love the new look.)

Heatherness said...

Siiigh. Looks amazing!

Kristin. said...

Get your butts on a plane. Both of you.

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