Loong Weeekend.

It's almost time for bed...the long weekend is officially over. Bummer. Luckily, we only have about three weeks or so until the next one. They "cancelled" the June long weekend last year because the Powers That Be decided that the Queen's birthday is no longer something to celebrate. Instead, they offered a long weekend in October to recognize national "heroes". And then a few weeks ago they realized that Tall Ships is coming for the long weekend in June, and so they reinstated the national public holiday and took away the one in October. And then they made it very clear that the national public holiday in June formerly known as the Queen's Birthday is now going to be known as National Heroes Day. Of course. Effin' retarded, but whatever...I'm all about extra days to tan and frolic on boats, so I'm not complaining.

We had a great weekend. On Saturday, we were invited out on a new friend's boat, which was a great way to kick off summer. With two 150's on the back, we were flying around, wind in our hair, sun on our skin, various rum drinks in our hands. It was awesome. I came back a tiny bit sunburned on my shoulders but all in all, a perfect summer day. It also made me want a boat...until I remembered how much work they are and how much it would suck to own a boat during a hurricane or tropical storm. It was a short-lived dream.

Sunday was gorgeous...the whole weekend was, actually. Sunny, hot, calm waters, and the occasional breeze. Just enough for you not to realize that your skin is burning. I went for a run in the morning (more about that painful mission later) and then we went for lunch on a sunny patio, and for a walk around the local 18th century fort, which was teeming with tourists who had spilled off the largest cruise ship that I have ever seen. It was ridiculous. Straight from New Jersey to our shores, they piled off the thing, mostly inappropriately dressed and mostly wearing fanny packs. I am 100% sure that you will never, ever see me on a cruise until I'm old and rich enough for one of those world cruise things where you see the whole world in 109 days for somewhere in the region of $50K. But to spend $800 on 4 (or, shudder, more) days on a floating amusement park with the fanny pack/Hawaiian shirt crowd? This is about as likely as seeing me at Disney World. Never going to happen. I suppose you could say that it's just not how I roll.

Anyways, after the walk, we went our separate ways, as I had a "girl's night in" with some new friends and Kurt was going to a BBQ where males were more than welcome. I had fun. We watched a seriously weird movie (Happy Go Lucky), ate some junk food and had some girl talk. Pretty standard girl's night.

Today was HOT. Maybe hotter than the other two days, which made me feel very sorry for all of the half-marathoners who had to chug through the heat on their way to the finish line this morning. Suckers. We went to the local beach for a couple of hours and I sat there and wished that I had thought to bring my camera to do my own sociological study like Heather, because it would have been phenomenal. Pitbull puppies on ropes, a six-foot man with dreadlocks down to his knees, some homeboys drinking from paper bags and yelling at some other homeboys about drowning their dogs (they were kidding...I think)...local action everywhere. We didn't stay long.

And then, the icing on my long weekend, a dinner date tonight with my favorite dude. We went to one of our new favorite restaurants and had some Italian food and a bit of cheeky rum punch. The perfect way to end a Monday.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the day-to-day that I forget about the actual fact that I live here, on this little Rock. And then I'll find myself sitting at a restaurant and I'll see a GECKO run across the floor and think holy eff...I live here.


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I like that we now spell the letter "F"


*broke girl with a new roof from a guy that has two bottom teeth - which I think is more than he has on the top

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Can you mention to Heather that I am finding it hard to blog-stalk her.



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Sounds soooooooo good!

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