Bad, bad blogger.

I'm so delinquent. I blame the nasty cold and even nastier allergies I've been dealing with, all of which are on the mend, thanks to some lovely prescriptions which I now rely on heavily. I hate that. Though, this is apparently the worst time of year for allergies here, so at least I know it's not going to go any further downhill than my pink eye. Which isn't actually pink eye, but looks just enough like pink eye to make my co-workers walk around me with worried expressions and wash their hands obsessively. At least the prescriptions took care of that awkwardness.

While the early stages of wedding planning have begun to consume an inordinate number of my hours, I'm determined to keep myself cool, calm and composed. That being said, I'm already dealing with a bit of internal craziness over the booking of our venue. I think we've narrowed our search down to three locations, all of which would work with our (very loose) vision of the day, but none of which I want to jinx by mentioning...yet. Something about the fact that I'm here means that people take me less seriously and are less likely to get back to me, which is seriously annoying. I know it's because they can not physically lure me into their venue and pepper me with all of the amazingness and magic they encompass. I've actually filtered out one specific place for that reason would have been perfect in every way, but their response time was crap and I just can't deal with chasing people down from here. My whole wedding budget would be consumed in long-distance charges. Anyways, the three finalists are all amazing for different reasons, and do what we need them to do. We want something unique, all-encompassing, God-less and well-situated, including a back-up plan and a great view. Is that too much to ask? IS IT??? No, I think not. Come on, Victoria. I sent half of my United Way donation to you last year, which means that one more homeless person has glasses...or something like that. Throw me a bone here.

Anyhoo...yes, what I was saying about being cool, calm and composed? Riiiight. I so am. Once this is nailed down, the rest will just fall into place. I know a big part of my problem also has to do with me being totally impatient, so I think some yoga is in the cards for me this weekend.

This week went by surprisingly fast. This time, I'm happy for time moving quickly. Mostly because I want to get to March 1st, which is when we are officially restarting our "regime". I haven't laced up my running shoes once since we got back (though I did a lot of running while we were away, and I DID have a nasty cold as an excuse), and I'm anxious to get going again. This week of sleeping in, missing breakfast and feeling too lazy and/or sick to cook has done a number on both of us. We're both very...blah. Anyways, Saturday it is. Running, new recipes, more sleep, clean the house. By the end of the weekend, we'll feel so "together" it will be ridiculous. At least, that's the plan...


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