Good Intentions.

Of course, right after I get the wheels in motion with my blog, I lose steam almost immediately. This time it was health-induced. I think I'm fighting something but not actually sick...if that makes any sense. My Monday run was good that I actually jogged instead of walked for my little cool-down afterwards. But by Tuesday, my entire body felt like lead and I was lagging behind Kurt, and today I skipped my run completely. I guess everyone has those days. Still, it's a bummer to have to delete scheduled work-outs from my overly-scheduled calendar. As a little test, I went for 3 days without taking the glucosamine and guess what? The pain came back. So, started taking them again on Monday and guess what? Now it's gone again. Very. Interesting. My unsolicited endorsement stands. And my knee is feeling fabulous enough to do one final 7.5km along that narrow, windy stretch of road before moving production to a different oceanside locale. I don't know yet if I'll be doing any running while we're away. The beach is too slanty to run on (at least, it was last year), but I might be able to try it along some of the little roads in the town we're staying in. My shoes and watch are coming with me, so at least I'll have it as an option, if I get bored with exploring or poolside reading. Ha. Very unlikely.

I forgot something on my UPE: Running Checklist: lululemon headbands. I own at least 10 of these and use them constantly. They're especially helpful when you have long hair (check) and it's windy (check). Be careful though, because one size does NOT fit all, in my experience. My brown one is at least an inch larger than my white one and my green one is totally useless for running because it doesn't stay in place.

We're down to the final two sleeps before the long-awaited vacay and I can only hope that the vacation doesn't fly by as quickly as the time leading up to it has. We've been counting down, but I swear on my favorite purse, the days are shorter here. Or maybe this island is placed into some sort of time tunnel where the minutes click by slightly faster than anywhere else. Regardless...I'm hoping things slow down in Mexico.


Katie said...

10 headbands!! Wow you're lucky! I only have one black one that I use everytime I run outside (to keep my ears warm) and also to keep my hair out of the way when I wash my face.. Maybe it's time to invest in another one. Haha. Or you could just give me one of yours??!!

Kristin. said...

I collection has grown to slightly ridiculous proportions, but I got into the bad habit of buying one each time I was buying something else, because they're so conveniently (brilliantly) right there at the cash. Most are for running/face washing purposes, but the pinstripe one has joined forces with my work wardrobe and works best there, I think.

Anonymous said...

I think I may invest in said headbands for the delivery room. hair stylist broke up with her BF and went on and on about it SO much that she didn't realize she had cut an extra 3 inches off my hair. So I cannot even pony tail right now.

Yeah, I look 5. if my face wasn't full enough right now, I have my hair end at my jaw line. Super.


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