Home again, home again.

I'm back. I have to admit, it's a lot easier to come back to this home than to our previous one, mostly because we arrived to weather nice enough to enjoy a casual salad on an outdoor patio on our way home from the airport.

We had such a great trip. Like last year, the weather was perfect, the hotel was awesome (and so super cheap), and we explored some different parts of the area. Plenty of photos to come on F-book soon...perhaps some here as well. They have lots of blog-worthy moments among them.

But perhaps none so blog-worthy as one particular moment, exactly a week ago this very minute, in fact.

We had headed out to try to get to a beach we'd stumbled across last year, almost by accident. A huge stretch of deserted white sand, crashing waves, and a pod of whales playing in the surf. It even had mist. It was the most perfect spot and we were only sorry to not have found it sooner so we could have planned a day around relaxing in the sand, away from the Del Boca Vista crowd who had invaded our hotel with their retarded questions ("You take Canadian money here, right?") and their prosthetic hips. Gorgeous. Anyways, back to the beach. We really wanted to go back to take more pictures, but had heard through the Mexican grapevine (which speaks really fast, but I can understand most of it) that the Government had purchased the entire beach and surrounding area and scheduled it for development starting immediately.

The tiny socialist inside of me finds this devastating.

Regardless, Mom, Dad, Kurt and I headed off to see how far we could get down the crappy beach road (about 4 km of pot-hole filled red dusty dirt) before getting stopped by a Mexican with a machine gun, which is pretty standard. We got to the point where the beach was in view, but yes...a machine-gun armed Mexican told us we couldn't take the car any further, but we were welcome to walk down to the beach. We did, and thankfully found the beach untouched so far, minus a fence and the little thatched beach palapas (shelters) that were there last year. Dad headed off to birdwatch in the crocodile-infested marsh, Mom found a spot in the sand to sit and "play with her new camera", and Kurt suggested that we walk down the beach.

Can you smell where this is going? Because I couldn't.

It was hot already, even though it was a bit overcast, and just like last year, our footprints were the only ones along the sand. And, like last year, there was a salty mist over the beach and a pod of whales playing way out in the water. It was so, so beautiful. And it got even more beautiful when my favorite guy got down on one knee in the sand (which turned into two, because it's hard to kneel in sand), took a little box out of his pocket, and asked me to marry him. I didn't even look at the ring (seriously) because I was crying harder than I did at the end of "The Notebook", but I did say yes. Obviously.

I had thought awhile back that this was perhaps a possibility on this trip, but talked myself out of it when I realized that having complete control of our bank accounts AND doing all of the packing would have made it impossible for him to sneak a ring in. Plus, as usual, his natural casualness and total lack of that scared deer look that most of us have when about to do something somewhat nerve-wracking meant that I was positive by the time we got on the plane to go to Mexico that I had been totally wrong about it all and purposely put it out of my head for the trip, thankfully, so I was totally shocked when he put the ring on my finger.

However, it is a well known fact that Kurt is actually smarter than I am and knows me much better than I thought. He bought the ring before we even moved here, way back in the fall, and had it shipped to my parents to bring with them, knowing full well that the chances of me finding it were pretty good in a one-bedroom apartment. The whole thing was planned also knowing how important it was for me to have my parents around when it happened. They've missed so many exciting parts of my life in the past few years, and it meant a lot to me to be able to walk back down the beach and share it with them as well. We all headed to another favorite beach for a delicious lunch of freshly-caught garlic shrimp to celebrate.

I'm very, very happy. I don't think I've gone five minutes without looking at my ring since that moment, and pretty much spent the rest of the week smiling. We made the obvious phone calls to family and a couple of friends before our phone cards ran out, and the shoddy internet connection at the hotel meant that there wasn't much else we could do until we got back. That's ok though. Being able to change our F-book status to "engaged" gave us (me) something to look forward to on the way home.

OH...the ring. Round solitaire set in platinum. It's my dream ring...and it's even the perfect size. I absolutely love it.


Holy crap.


Heather said...

AHH!!! I thought so!! I'M SO HAPPY!!

Congrats to you both!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap! Yay for you. Lovely ring :)

~ totally pregnant Emily

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Yes, I did see where that was going, and had teared up by the time I got to the end. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Tell me you're getting married in Bermuda so I have an excuse to drag the family there? ;o) I am SO happy for you!

-rachel (and leo, and diarmid)

Katie said...

OH MY GOD!!!! Yay for you, that is sooooo exciting. The ring is fabulous :):):):)

Shannen said...

Best. News. Ever. I've been waiting forever for this...Ok, more like a few years - but still. Awesome. And a great story to boot.

Congrats K and K.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the both of you. Kris, as your surrogate father, I'm disappointed Kurt didn't ask me for my permission first. ;)


Mostly Lisa said...

congrats! what an engagement! *hugs*

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