Not over or underwhelmed...just whelmed.

So, along with my rock, I also brought back some sort of bug with me from our trip, and I'm going to just go ahead and blame the bratty kid behind me on the plane because he kicked the back of my chair for 3 hours straight (his lovely parents failed to notice this) and because I'm sure I heard him sneeze at least once. I went to bed last night with the all-telling tickle in the back of the throat and woke up this morning with a full-on head cold. Can't complain though...it's the first one I've had since last spring, so I'm pretty impressed that my immune system cooperated with me for as long as it did AND that this didn't hit while I was actually in Mexico.

Unfortunately, I really did feel too crappy to take advantage of a day at home and spend it leafing through my brand new pile of untouched wedding magazines, and had to resort to reruns of One Tree Hill, which I haven't been sold on. Yet.

Getting back into the routine hasn't been as easy as usual. I guess the oncoming cold explains my total lack of motivation to get our groceries organized and hit the road for morning runs this week. I don't feel too badly, because I exceeded all expectations and logged about 30 km of running with my Dad in Mexico last week, so I feel OK about missing a few now. If I tried to run this morning, as I had scheduled, I probably would have died. Or at the very least, been really, really tired.

So, the word has officially been spread. I had these great plans to phone and/or email everyone individually when we got back, but then, once everyone with close personal interests in this occasion had been informed (such as our respective backup boyfriends and girlfriends, of course), I decided to save myself the time and just do it Facebook-style. How very 2008 of me. It worked...the word is out AND I got to share the photos of how it happened, so really...it worked out well.

I've always wondered what this time feels like, and now I know. I'm sure that I'm feeling every feeling and thinking every thought that every other bride does right after they get engaged. Being unable to celebrate in person is a bit different, but we'll just do that when we're visiting in the summer. Still, I'm already getting all sorts of questions about where and when the big day will be, so the wheels have been put in motion. I don't mind...I've been so touched by the messages we've received and by just how many people are excited for us. Thinking about the 'wheres' and 'whens' is all part of the fun.

However, our geographic realities do make this whole process a bit trickier. Not only do we live here, in possibly the most inconvenient place anyone could ever live (save a few spots in, say, the African desert or northen Finland), but our friends and family are totally scattered. It would be lovely if we grew up in the same town and had all of our friends and family available to celebrate with us without travelling...but we didn't, and they're not. It would be lovely if I could start hunting for the perfect dress with my Mom right away...but I can't. It would be lovely if I could think of the perfect spot to get married and be able to go and see it without relying on internet photos...but that's not an option either. My saving grace(s) are my friends. I have a slew of been-there-done-thats who not only pulled off amazing weddings, but who managed to keep their heads on throughout the planning. I strive to maintain my cool. No bridezilla here. I think that our timeline gives me enough time to get everything done without freaking out...but I guess we'll see.

I can't believe how many decisions go into planning a wedding. I had always thought that Kurt and I would have a barefoot beach wedding in Mexico, with a couple of margaritas and a mariachi band, but as it turns out, having friends and family there is more important to us now than when we came up with that original plan, so it's looking like we'll probably have a real, actual wedding.

Yikes. OK...NOW I'm overwhelmed.


Shannen said...

You may be the most organized person I've ever met. Do not be overwhelmed. You have oodles of time to plan and oodles of time before you need to worry about the small details.

P.S. I vote for Victoria. I've never been and need an excuse to go.......A wedding is a lovely excuse.

Heather said...

I vote for Victoria too....!

I am a semi-expert on Victoria locales.

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Can I be a wedding advisor? I have, after all, planned two...even if one didn't happen and the other was a shotgun wedding with two guests in attendance...

x rachel

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