100% Illin'.

I woke up on Saturday, my last day in Victoria, with a wicked cold. Sore throat, some post-nasal drip....it was coming on fast. Unfortunately, my flight home was a redeye, meaning that I knew ahead of time that I would be missing a night of sleep. Not ideal in the best of times, but definitely extra crappy when you're sick. Of course, I was also seated next to a couple of 18 year olds who insisted on making out from Vancouver all the way to Toronto, occasionally bumping me with an elbow or a knee...it was unpleasant. I fell asleep as soon as I walked in my door at noon on Sunday, and have pretty much been in bed ever since. Yuck! I hate being sick. It's been a long time since I've caught a bug that I haven't been able to shake off (or sleep off, rather) in a day or so.

I haven't felt much like eating, but I have fired up the blender a few times to try to force some nutrients down. My elixir of choice? Green smoothies, packed with nutritious ingredients and immune boosters.

See how green that is? We didn't actually have any fresh greens in the house, so this smoothie is fortified with a teaspoon of organic raw spirulina powder, which is derived from blue-green algae and is GREAT for your immune system and full of good stuff. It's the darkest green you can imagine...almost black...and doesn't add any flavour to the smoothie, just good stuff. The other ingredients are 1.5 bananas, a fresh tangelo, some frozen blueberries, a scoop of chia seeds, some raw organic shredded coconut and a tablespoon or so of organic hemp seeds, with a sprinkle of raw organic cacao nibs on top. Delicious. It's no chicken noodle soup, but I think my body needs this stuff more anyways.


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