Jiggidy Jig.

In just four sleeps, I'll be landing somewhere near here...and I'm pretty happy about it. Despite the fact that the week is shaping up to be head-splittingly busy with final wedding preparations, I'm really looking forward to some ocean air (complete with eau de sewage), some decent coffee (until my naturopath bans it...I have not yet had this particular joy eradicated from my life), and some quality time with my furry friend. No, not Kurtis. He's staying here, enjoying the fact that SUMMER is here! Well...almost. But friends of mine were on the beach yesterday and so I'm taking that as a good sign. We were not on the beach with them because SOMEONE chose to go a little overboard on the Black Seal on Saturday night and couldn't leave the couch. And no, the someone was not me. Oh well...beach days will be here soon enough.

Speaking of Victoria, the other day, I was stalking around realtor.ca (as usual), and came across something that I haven't seen in about 25 years, but recognized immediately.


This was the house my family lived in back in the early '80's and I would love love love to walk through it again, to see what kind of memories it stirs up. I was pretty young when I lived there, but not young enough to notice that the wallpaper in one of the rooms is the same as when we lived there. In NINETEEN EIGHTY FIVE. Hello...wallpaper has gone out AND come back in again during the time that stuff has been hanging on the walls. It's so old, it's new again. Awesome. Anyways...I think the price tag is a bit steep, since the house looks like it's had nothing done to it other than a few walls painted since we lived there. But then again, it's in Victoria...is an overpriced house any kind of a shock? No.

Anyways, back to my trip, YES. More useless aeroplan points for me this coming weekend, but I can't wait to land. There's no place like home.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am jealous. And I am so off to snoop about that realtor site! I spend most of my surfing time on www.espc.com which is the Edinburgh site. I could have a new addiction...


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