Back to the land of the living.

I woke up this morning feeling roughly 70% of my normal, well self, and so decided that that was enough to warrant an attempt at a workday. I did OK. I left an hour early because I was fading quickly and didn't want to spend tomorrow re-doing work I did today. All in all though, not terrible. It's nice to have a job that I don't dread going back to after a vacation. Even though it's busy and crazy and my inbox is a total nightmare, I like the people enough that I was looking forward to getting back into the game.

So, I went off to work in some new clothes (thank you, Hudson's Bay Company) and sporting my new glasses which not only make me look, like, so much smarter (I was actually told this...and I'm not sure yet if that's a compliment)...but they have proved just how blurry my world has been for the past few years. I can read signs. And nothing has a fuzzy edge. No wonder car rides started making me world was fading out and I was just too lazy to get my eyes checked every year. Mind you, my prescription is not strong at all...just enough to help me differentiate a 3 from an 8 or an S. It's like a whole new world.

Now that my brain is no longer focused on mucus reduction, I can reflect on my trip home.

What trip? Oh right...that week I spent buzzing around Victoria in my Mom's SmartCar, planning our wedding. Did I mention that we planned the entire event in essentially four days? Right. I am totally in the wrong line of work. We cupcaked and flowered and dressed and sampled and pros.
It was so nice to be home and Victoria was at it's finest. The cherry blossoms were out all over the city and, while they started falling near the end of my week, I had plenty of opportunities to stop and stare and wonder why I never noticed how beautiful they are when I lived there. The trees line the street my parents live on and it has to be the prettiest street in the city when the blossoms come out.

Besides the frantic wedding planning, I also managed to have an awesome full day/night stagette (post to come), attended a New Kids on the Block concert, got to most of my favorite stores, saw most of my favorite people, and spent some quality time with the abandoned cat. It was a busy week, but it was so, so nice to be home.


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