I'm wide awake and shouldn't be, since I was wide awake at 5:00 a.m. local time (my brain thought it was 9:00) and have had a FULL day.

Mom and I hit the ground running this morning and grabbed coffee/blueberry crisp for breakfast at my favorite little coffee nook, the Parsonage, and then headed to the mall to fill my glasses prescription. Or, that was the plan, until I found myself wanting to punch the salesgirl in the face and had to leave the store to prevent this from happening. I have never met a more annoying individual in my life...and that is saying a lot. I seriously hated her. HATE. I hardly ever use that word when not describing cockroaches on my counter, or an unexpected fingernail clipping showing up somewhere where they shouldn't be. Which, in my opinion, is anywhere.

Needless to say, glasses prescription remains an outstanding item on the to-do list.

From there we were supposed to find my wedding shoes. My requirements were as follows:

1) flat
2) not ugly

Unfortunately, we got sidetracked at another local favorite, Robinson's, and didn't find our way to our shoe shopping until later on...but there was some success in that department. I think my "vision" helped, in that I had no vision at all and so I had lots of choices. We'll see if the chosen ones work on Monday. I haven't seen the dress since November, so I really don't remember what it looks like well enough to match shoes to it.

After that, I had a somewhat religious experience at the mall. And this is a mall that would make other malls scoff and feel superior, but today it was on par with Dolphin Mall...the greatest place on Earth (if you happen to have 6 hours to kill in Miami). Lots of fun, spring clothes made their way into my shopping bag and I'm planning to head back for more this week. Yesssssss. I'd forgotten how great it is to have variety. OH, and size medium. Because the inventory on the Rock is limited, stores usually sell out of everything between size 0 and 16 before I get to the store. Very not helpful. It's a terrible place to be of average clothing or shoe size, which I am both.

The cherry on today's sundae was a lunch, put together by my sister (and Maid of Honour), with my wedding party, a favourite aunt and my Mom. It was awesome. It was the first time I've gotten together with my bridesmaids all together...ever...and I was thrilled to spend some time with my best ladies. I love them. They are all beautiful, funny and amazing. And my pictures are going to be GORGEOUS. Well played.

After lunch, Kathie and I joined the sister and her Swede for a walk downtown...which appears to be exactly as I left it in November. Which, in turn, is how I left it in 2002 and that is exactly what I love about home. A few new stores here and there, but mostly the same. The same is what I love. I found a couple of cute silkscreened tops (one of them has a blowfish on it...which will officially be the first blowfish depicted in my wardrobe, believe it or not) made by a local designer who I didn't know about until a few hours ago but I already covet her stuff. It's cute, light, and fun. I also found a great dress...same designer...that is perfect for throwing on after a day at the beach.

All in all, a good day.

Tomorrow, I have been informed, I am being picked up at 9:45 and whisked away to a spa with two lovely ladies, Lai and Heather. How great is that?

Better rest up. Night.


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