What I am loving RIGHT NOW.

1. The beach! Yes, beach season has officially begun. I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon sleeping off a minor hangover in the sand, the rays beating down on my back. The tricky part? Avoiding tan lines. My wedding dress just will not allow for it. Must. Remember. This. And there is nothing better than that post-shower feeling after a day on the beach. The downside? Parts of my body that have not seen UV rays since 2008 are the colour of steamed chicken.

2. My new book club. In an attempt to become more literary, I have joined a book club. I tried this once before, in Ottawa, but it was kind of short-lived. Luckily, this time around I seem to have teamed up with some VERY KEEN READERS (I don't actually know them....they are friends of friends), so maybe their constant barrage of Fbook messages will actually get me reading regularly again. OR...piss me off and make me quit. Either way, I'm excited.

3. The fact that I haven't heard a peep from my tenants in months. Excellent. I guess that means that the windows didn't blow in during the winter.

4. Visitors! Our first visitors of the year, my best friend Iza and her husband Kris, are arriving on Wednesday for a fun-filled (and hopefully sun-filled) week of scootering around, some golf, some bachelorette fun (Rock-style), and lots of quality time. So. Excited.

5. My new glasses. I had no idea how much I was NOT seeing until I put these on for the first time. Trees and signs are no longer blurry and I can finally read work presentations. The bad news? I can finally read work presentations.

6. An extra hour of work. Seriously, it sounds weird, but going to work an hour earlier has made a HUGE difference to how much I can get done in the day. Arriving minutes before my boss means that the barrage of work coming out of her office starts pretty much as soon as I log into my computer and gulp down my banana. Now, I spend one luxurious hour going through my notes from the day before, attacking my inbox like a crazy person and chipping away at the steadily climbing pile of work. I feel like I've just learned to swim. We'll see how long this lasts.

7. The word "barrage". I have used it twice so far in this post. Let's see if I can squeeze out a magic number 3.

8. Salads. At this time of year, I stop making my weekly soups and switch to salads. For the past month, I have been very into coleslaw. Not the creamy kind...I make healthy versions, in mutiple varieties. I have probably eaten more cabbage in the past few weeks than in the entire past 5 years, but I'm not sick of it yet. I suppose you could say that Kurt has survived a BARRAGE of coleslaw. Yessssssssssssssss.

9. Fitness goals. The wedding countdown is ON and I calculated that I have already wasted nearly $160 on my yet-to-be-used gym membership. Time to get cracking. Or running.

10. Green smoothies. I go to bed dreaming of my morning green smoothie. So much nutrition packed into one delicious glass...tomorrow's will have bananas, blueberries, an orange and a multitude of add-ins, like spirulina and coconut. Maybe a stalk of celery, if I'm feeling wild. They keep me going until almost lunch time and give me as much energy as a cup of the (revolting) office coffee. I'm trying to eat raw for breakfast and lunch and then have a partially cooked dinner because it just feels good...especially as the weather gets hot.


Anonymous said...

My skin, sunified or not, always looks like steamed chicken. Worse, however, is how when said skin is eventually sunified - it looks like steamed chicken......with spot.

I have both created a newish word AND a disgusting visual.


~ Chicken Emily

Kristin. said...

Well done, my friend. At least you have a lovely complexion to match. My face, arms and legs tan during weekday lunch hours. The rest of me gets limited weekend beach hours. It's like a farmers tan...taken up a notch.

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