Sneaky Buggers.

In the weeks leading up to my trip home, there was some talk amongst my bridesmaids and maid of honour and myself about getting together while I was in town, since I'd be there over Easter and the two who live in Vancouver, Iza and Kathie, would be home in Victoria with their families for the long weekend. And then, abruptly, I heard nothing more about it. I chalked it up to the fact that I am a terrible communicator and hadn't been checking in, so I figured I would just sort it out when I got to town. After a surprise brunch with the four of them on my first day, I figured that was it for fun bridal party activities for this trip BUT...they fooled me. Lai told me that her and Heather were picking me up for a morning at the spa, which they did the next day. What they didn't tell me was that one by one, all of my amazing Victoria girlfriends would be showing up to join us. I was sitting there getting my pedicure when Iza walked in...and then Kathie...and then Alayna...and then it was like a steady stream of all of my favorite Victoria people, one after the other, including Tricia, who flew up from San Francisco.

I've known Lai since birth. Kelsey and I shared a bedroom...and parents. Izabela and I shared junior high sleepovers and ridiculous amounts of note-passing. Both Heathers, Tricia and Alayna I've known since late junior high/high school. Eliza has been a part of my extended family since Lai and Dal got together 11 years ago and Kathie and I met in college, moved to Ottawa and lived together in the Byward Market.
It was quite the partay.

After manicures/pedicures, we moved on to my sister's new amazing house in James Bay. Her and her Swede have rented a gorgeous heritage house that I would gnaw off my right arm to own (or just live in) and she volunteered her living room (and kicked out her four male roommates) for us to drink wine, eat snacks, gossip and catch up. It was awesome. Especially because when I looked around the room, I noted that the group of us were never all friends...I was the only connection between most of them. Many of them hadn't seen each other since I left Victoria and what was so neat was that it was SUCH a fun group to hang out with. I guess there are certain qualities that all of my friends possess...they are all hilarious in different ways and they are all very laid back.
From there, I was taken to an "adult entertainment" store, where we were treated to a rundown of the top ten sellers in various types of adult entertainment paraphenalia, including (but not limited to) games, costumes, edibles, apparatus and a lot of things that require batteries. It was fairly hilarious.

After that gongshow, we moved on to a local nightclub (which will quite possibly be the scene of the Kris and Kurt Wedding Afterparty...because that would also be fairly hilarious) for some Velvet, a wicked Victoria band which includes my beloved cousin in-law, Dal. We danced. Had shots. I tried to pass off the boa but it kept coming back. Kathie fell off a couch. Just your standard Sunday night.

I finally left when I lost my voice, just before 1:00.

I'm still so surprised and touched that so much planning went into this, and how much work it would have been to round everyone up and coordinate everything. Everyone had such a great time...especially me. It was such a treat to be surrounded by my girls. Even though, in a perfect world, there would have been a few more faces around me (namely Shan, Deb and my girls here on the Rock), I'm looking forward to a certain evening a few months down the road when this might be the case...

I really couldn't ask for a better group of friends. Or a better LOOKING group of friends.

The whole day/night was planned and coordinated by Kelsey and Laila. My sister and cousin, and built-in best friends. Thanks ladies! You're both amazing.

Love, me.


Heatherness said...


Loved it.

Shan Banana said...

Awww...I so wish I could have joined. But it just means more celebrating of Kris at other junctures in time.

I'm already counting sleeps until our trip to Victoria. I've been waiting on this wedding for a loooooong time. :)

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