Ah...Great Success.

Sometimes, things just work out.

I get Facebook and emails all the time asking what Kurt has been up to since we arrived. I blame this on the fact that he is terrible at keeping in touch with people, and so the responsibility of communicating our happenings falls on my shoulders. Luckily, I like typing.

While I've been "working" at my "job", Kurt has been on the hunt for a job ever since we arrived. While the first few weeks were pretty tied up in getting us set up in our apartment, finding wheels, and making sure I could find my way to work (not as hard as I'd thought, since "downtown" only covers the equivalent of a few city blocks anywhere else), he's been applying and attending interviews constantly. The thing is...nothing moves quickly here. At all. Combine the inherent slowness on the island with the fact that he was applying for a very particular job opportunity during December, the absolute worst time of the year to look for a job, and things were a bit bleak. He'd had a temp job to get him through the weeks, but I could tell that he was getting discouraged. Despite his citizenship here (a huge draw for firms), it was just simply the wrong time...no one was hiring for the position he was looking for.

Finally, at the very end of December, he managed to get himself an interview with the head of the department that he wanted to be in. This led to a second interview...and then a third...and then this afternoon, after 2 and a half months of searching, his ideal job was handed to him on a silver platter. And by silver, I mean gold. It's the full package - great company, great opportunity, interesting work, amazing benefits...he's ecstatic. I'm ecstatic. We had a sushi celebration after work.

He doesn't actually start until we get back from Mexico, but he's pretty much being thrown every opportunity under the sun as far as training and eductation goes, and he's taking them all. It's going to be a busy year, but hopefully very rewarding. I'm really proud of him. After working for one company for 14 years, and having started with them pretty much right out of high school, this transition was a much bigger deal to him than to me, job-wise. Not everyone has the guts it takes to start fresh, giving up the familiar and moving into something completely foreign. I knew he would pull it off.

The final piece of the "move to a different country and set up shop there" puzzle has been completed. To celebrate (besides the sushi), I booked us a 3 day trip to New York City over Easter weekend. I've never been and he hasn't been in years, so I was pretty much drooling as I booked the tickets this afternoon. We're meeting up with friends of ours from Ottawa and Montreal, and are starting the process of planning how to get the most out of our limited time. I'm so excited, it's ridiculous. We weren't planning on spending the money right then, but it's a pretty unique opportunity, being a long weekend and with friends visiting the city at the same time. It's 9 weeks away...and I already can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Hurray!!! And NYC sounds awesome. I am very jealous, and happy for you!

x rachel

Shannen said...

I am jealous too. I've never been to NYC either. I wish I was the Ottawa friend meeting you there. Maybe next time. ;)

Congrats to Kurt! So happy for him and his new adventure. Send hugs.

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