He's here!

Well, maybe not here, exactly, but this tiny, adorable Scot is Leo Anthony Ross. Born to my very long-time friend Rachel and her husband D., on the weekend and weighing in at a teeny 6 lb. 8 oz., despite being so comfortable that he hung around under Rachel's ribs for an extra 8 days or so.

Leo's birth closely followed the birth of another baby born to one of my oldest school friends, which means that grade 10 was not actually 5 minutes ago, and that we are all grown up. Though, instead of making me feel old, I look at little Leo and think that life is actually pretty amazing.

Welcome, Leo! Time for Auntie Kris to bust out those knitting needles and fire up a pair of baby boy Uggs, I think!

Lots of love to the new family from us, on the rock.


Shannen said...

From a recipient (or at least from the mom of a recipient) of the baby Uggs...SO CUTE. Does Auntie Kris make them for one year olds? What about 33 year olds?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! We're telling him all about his Aunty Kris - and a fair bit about Bermuda too (that mostly from his daddy who has a nice bottle of Bermudan rum to celebrate with!).

xx rachel et leo

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