New iPod Must-Have: The invisibleSHIELD.

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A few years ago, I was given an iPod as a Christmas gift. They were still brand new and very few people had them, so I was ecstatic about mine. Naturally, I went out and bought some "must-have" iPod accessories, which at the time were limited to various types of protective covers. I remember choosing a rubbery transparent blue one, thinking it would make my new gadget look pretty fresh. It didn't. And wrestling it onto my iPod was a nightmare. Remember those sticky hands that you could whip at stuff and they'd stick? It felt like that. Also, it made my iPod appear much bigger than it actually is. While my precious iPod was marginally safer from scratches than it would be without, I ultimately decided that looks were more important and tossed it.

Now that I've started running again, I'd love to be able to let my iPod (which is now 3 years old, and so practically an iPod antique) leave it's constant perch on the speakers and join me on my runs. However, I'm terrified of having it endure even more scratches than it already has, so I've been looking into some options. I figured that surely in 3 years the covers would have improved.

They certainly have. Finally, a company has produced an iPod case that doesn't take away from the overall look of the iPod one bit, while providing total protection from scratches. The invisibleSHIELD, which is available for all models of iPods, as well as a number of other popular electronics, is only 0.2 millimetres thick and is made out of a material originally produced by the military to protect the edges of helicopter blades from nicks and scratches. Totally scratch-proof, the invisibleSHIELD will keep iPods looking brand new and are backed by a lifetime guarantee. They're also really reasonable and you can buy them directly through their website. I highly recommend taking a peek, and checking out the other electronics they are available for as well.


Katie said...

what are your fave running tunes? I am in need of new ones if you have any I'd love to know!

Here are a few that never fail to pump me up!

Good Charlotte - I don't want to be in love
Hot Hot Heat - Let me in and Good Night, Good Night.
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (My favourite fave!)
Kanye, Justin, Timbaland, Love Inc... haha.
sometimes even Postal Service..

..just in case you needed some added fun.

Ipodrepublic said...

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