It's already been 1460 days?

Next Tuesday is our "official" anniversary. I remember talking about it with him, trying to figure out which day from the beginning of our relationship should be commemorated each year of togetherness as our anniversary. The night we met didn't really count - Kat dragged me out of that bar after Kurt got my number and that was pretty much that. We'd barely talked to each other. When he called me the next week, we talked for hours on the phone...but we weren't dating. When we saw each other again, it was for a couple of drinks at Fat Tuesday's the next weekend. We had our first kiss that night, but that didn't really seem like the right day for us either. We finally settled on our first real dinner date, which was actually on February 4th, but since I can't count and we didn't figure that out until 2 years later, we celebrate our anniversary on February 5th.

What's wrong with February 5th? Well...

My birthday is on December 17th.
Christmas is on December 25th.
Valentine's Day is on February 14th.

Kurt has a double-whammy in December, followed by a double-whammy in February. Luckily for him, I am not a fan of Valentine's Day (and he loathes it by virtue of being a guy), except when it means Purdy's Hedgehogs from my Mom, so right from the first year we've decided to pretty much ignore it in favor of our anniversary. This is not only a stress-saver, but also saves him from buying me flowers that will die and a special inflated-cost Valentine's meal at a crowded restaurant. We typically celebrate our anniversary by going out for dinner, which is the plan for this year as well. After cutting way back on our dining out since the end of 2007, our mid-week dinner out is going to be even more of a treat than usual. The plan is for sushi. I'm excited.


Shannen said...

Wasn't one of your first dates on or around my birthday party at Honest Lawyer? I think I remember eating some of his nachos...which wasn't weird at all.

Kristin. said...

Actually...your birthday party at the Honest Lawyer was on the same night that I first met Kurt (and Paul's birthday) - January 16th. You played a vital role in that evening...I could hang out at your table and look nonchalant about the whole Kurt thing, all the while checking him out from a safe distance and getting a third opinion, besides drunk Kathie's. Eventually he made his way across the bar to where we were to order nachos and play that disgusting hunting video game with Clay.

Lisa said...

aww congrats! *hugs*

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