Please...slow down.

Does anyone else ever feel that time is moving more quickly that it used to, and speeding by far too fast?

I do.

I remember as a kid, everything took FOREVER. It took FOREVER to drive to Hornby (in adult world, approximately 2.5 hours to the ferry, if you time it correctly and have the right music). Christmas Eve church service took FOREVER (actual time: 1 excrutiating hour). Waiting for the next birthday or Christmas was an eternity spent counting down the months.

I've always been very conscious of time in relation to age. For example, when I was 16, I used to think to myself that I could live my life all over again and still only be 32, and marvel at how young 32 still was. I did this every year until this year, when I realized that at 54, all of those life events that I still plan to go through - the marriage, the kids - won't be over, but will be "seasoned". My kids may even have their own kids...though hopefully not. I can barely get my head around the thought that I might one day be "Mom", let alone the thought of being "Nana". I flat out refuse to be "Grandma".

It seems to me that when you're waiting for something specific, time takes forever. Waiting for the end of the school year, for example, or waiting all week for Friday plans to pan out, or waiting for someone to come back. It's like watching a pot. But when you're just kind of living, and not waiting for any one thing in particular - no big events on the horizon, no special plans - time knows you're not watching it closely and those hands fly around the clock face far faster than normal.

I don't like it.

Tomorrow is Friday, but yesterday was Monday. I never thought I'd say this, but I wish the days were longer.


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