Dear New Employee: PFO.

Some unpleasant revelations were passed on to me this afternoon that have made me seriously reconsider my current situation. I was happy when I signed the contract, but I've now realized that I could have done much, much better signing a contract with a competing company. Unfortunately, due to a translation issue between Canadian English and the form of English that they speak here, a certain term on my resume had their largest competitor (literally) toss my C.V. immediately. The funny thing was, the term in question is actually considered to be somewhat derogatory in Canada and was tossed in the great wave of political correctness, though it is still alive and well, and obviously preferable, on the island. Though this was rectified later, I had already received an offer from my current company and didn't pursue the offer process with them at all.

I should have.

I've looked at opportunities, just out of interest, the way I spend hours on MLS while completely unable to invest in Canadian real estate unless someone is looking for a silent investor (someone? anyone?). The opportunities I've seen have all posted higher than my current salary, for exactly the same job. Sometimes up to $30K higher. I would be OK with a thirty thousand dollar raise, right about now.


On a more positive note, Kurt and I just walked 4km home from the restaurant where we ate dinner. We didn't realize that we were going to miss the last bus, so had to walk, but the weather is so amazing right now that we didn't mind at all. The water was as smooth as glass and the air smelled like Hornby Island. I love those kind of nights...I can't wait for summer to really arrive.


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