One weekend = one entire box of Kleenex.

Seriously? WTF.

Yes, I am sick again. After two years of being almost completely head-cold free, the last month has bestowed upon me two absolute whoppers. This one isn't as bad as the one I had after Mexico, but I'm still spending a far larger quotient of my time on my ass than usual. At least it spanned a weekend and didn't start on a Monday, which really would be worse. The only thing worse than a Monday is a Monday when you feel like crap. Incidentally, I'm not far off today.

I've always tried to abstain from cold medication wherever possible, meaning that no one can really feel that sorry for me. I'm well aware that there are products on the shelves that will alleviate my symptoms and make the whole experience more bearable. However, as nice as it is to breathe through my nose (something I barely remember at this point), the side effects of daytime cold medication are not conducive to productivity in my case. I become a spacey, lost, confused, distracted version of myself, prone to doing things either twice or not at all. In short...they get me high. I've partaken in the occasional nighttime cold remedy drink (though, I would advise you to avoid the no-name brand, because saving 3 cents really doesn't matter when you can't even gag the stuff down), but avoided daytime cold meds to avoid the unnecessary, no-fun, make me look like a fool high.

Cue: today.

I gave in after a morning of typing with one hand, while the other held a tissue to my eternally runny nose. Enough is enough. Two gel capsules later and I should, according to the box, be on my way to clear nasal passages and, according to the commercial, sunshine and rainbows. We'll see. It's only been about 20 minutes since I took the pills, but already that slightly "off" feeling is settling in, so this afternoon might be a total disaster, work-wise. Good times!

In other news, I replaced my running shoes on Saturday. A sharp (and different) pain in my knee prompted me to look at my shoes...I've put almost 300 km on them and even though they look like they're in great shape, they'll be a year old in June and apparently, the cushioning breaks down even when you're not using them. I replaced them with the exact same shoe, version 2008. I'm liking the Mizunos a lot...very light, very comfy.

Four more sleeps until the Big City. Plans are coming into place and we'll probably start our packing tonight. We're packing super light - it really is only 2.5 days after all - because we're planning on some shopping when we arrive. We've all but given up on shopping on the island...even with having to pay 25% duty when we return on Sunday, we'll still be paying less for most things that we would pay for them here. Oh well. Just another excuse to rack up the we really needed another one.


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