Multiple Units of Excitement.

I like to keep a number of exciting-ish things on the horizon at any given time, so that when something is over, there is always something else to look forward to. Last year, we returned from Mexico so bummed out (I'm sure the minus 40 and huge snow banks we returned to had nothing to do with this at all), that I vowed to always make sure there was something else waiting in the sidelines.

Three weeks from yesterday, we're off to New York. I'm guessing that the reasons for our excitement for this trip are pretty obvious. We haven't seen "real life" since October...we're long overdue for a dose of reality. I might even buy a newspaper. And eat fruit.

When we announced that we were moving, a lot of people got very excited about the prospect of a free place to stay here and said that they were coming to visit. We were a little skeptical, since life gets in the way of plans, but we're actually booking up pretty quickly...and we're thrilled. We're pretty isolated here, and moved at the wrong time of year to meet people, since none of the organized sports teams start up until spring. So, we're a bit friend-starved. Good thing we seem to get along OK, but I'm not really amped for golf season and Kurt is already in need of wedding-planning respite. Anyways, the Hotel of Kurt and Kris opens at the beginning of April with the arrival of one of our all-time favorite people, Clay. He's going to flip out when he gets here...and I can't wait. After a week of Clay, we have a week to prepare for our next guest, my much-missed Kathie, who's also spending a week with us. Showing people around is going to be fun...I better catch up on my reading so I can impress them with my extensive knowledge of the island. Which, at the moment, is fairly lacking. I might have to make some stuff up. Remind me to warn them about the island's strict dress code...

The visits don't stop there. Kurt's best friend Eric and his wife, Jen, will be coming some time in May - their first trip together since their boys came along, I think. Our last few months in Ottawa didn't allow for a ton of socializing, so we've missed our friends longer than we've been away. Can't wait to see their faces the first time they see the pink sand and impossibly blue water.
And, because we're bound to be bummed after so much quality friend time, we've got one more unit of excitement at the end of May - Teresa and Evans' wedding in Toronto. It will be our first time back in Canada since we moved and even though it's only for a weekend, I'm really excited for it. I do miss me some Canada. Even though my 2007 tax return is making me crazy.


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