Escape Attempt.

I play with my ring...a lot. I'm always twirling it around my finger and sliding it on and off...habits I should probably get rid of pronto but I can't seem to shake. It's still so new to me and I'm still not 100% used to wearing it, so I notice it constantly. Anyways, last night I was sitting on the couch with my laptop in my lap, watching an old episode of One Tree Hill (so sucked in, it's not even funny) and playing with my ring, as usual. Suddenly...and I don't know exactly how this jumped off my finger and slid down between the couch cushions. It tried to escape me. I was actually more annoyed by the fact that I had to pause the show at a really crucial moment (will Peyton kiss Jake??) and take the cushions off the couch to retrieve it, so with an over-exaggerated sigh, put the laptop on the coffee table, stood up and removed the cushions, only to ring. Gone. Poof. It wasn't anywhere to be seen. We have some pretty cushy couches, so I felt around under the back cushions and finally felt the band with the tip of my finger, only to have it slide further away from me and into couch abyss.

My initial annoyance gave way to a small twinge of fear...these couches are huge and the "innards" of them look complicated (to the untrained couch eye). Where the hell did it go? Kurt (totally annoyed with me at this point) helped me stand the couch on it's end, figuring that it would have just dropped onto that filmy couch bottom material, but...nothing. No ring. I used a pair of scissors to cut an opening in the fabric bottom and felt around...still nothing. By this time, I was freaking out a bit and Kurt was (understandably) pissed. Something in the couch had sliced a chunk off his thumb and his fiancée can't seem to keep her ring on her hand...I would be annoyed too. I knew it was in a fairly contained area so it wasn't LOST, so to speak, but what if we couldn't get it out? What if we had to have someone come and dismantle the couch to retrieve it? Do people even do that? The more I felt around and felt nothing, the more I flipped out and of course, at that exact moment, the phone rings and it's Kurt's mom, innocently phoning to say hello and ask how wedding plans are coming along.

I took the phone into the other room where I thought I could calm down and Kurt kept looking with the flashlight and by turning the couch (which, by the way, is fairly gargantuan, as far as couches go) into various different positions. Twenty minutes later, he finally gave up, dropping the couch back into it's normal position and we heard a my ring spun out of the black hole that is our couch, finally coming to a stop right in front of his feet. He put it back on my finger and it hasn't come off since. It was the stupidest thing, but it made me realize just how much it means to me...and just how ridiculously huge our couches are.


Anonymous said...

Thats probably one of the funniest stories you've told....ever...I am glad it had a happy ending
M :)

Heather said...

Haha. For the longest time after I got my rock I would wake up in a panic thinking I had lost it. I still subconsiously check my ring finger with the thumb of the same hand every morning. Weirdo.

Anonymous said...

As I was reading this posting, I was rubbing my hands together with glee thinking about my simple solution to your lost ring problem. Unfortunately (well, not really) when I came to the end of the story the ring had been found.

I was going to suggest you drag the couch out into the street and burn it, then sift through the ashes for your ring. The heat created by a couch fire isn't enough to melt gold....and there's nothing quite so cheery as a good couch fire.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling....Dallas lost his ring a couple of weeks ago, still not found : (
Maybe I should go look in the couch...


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