After a couple of months off to give my knee a rest, I decided to lace up the Mizuno's and get out there again this morning, bright and early. We've been stuck in a going-to-bed-late-and-getting-up-late slump lately, meaning that we've been eating our breakfasts standing up and running to catch the ferry. Not the most pleasant way to start the day. Plus, we've both been lethargic and overtired lately, so I figured that a return to the routine would help us out. Now, we've tried to get back out there a few times now but have always failed in the face of an alarm clock going off far too early and a bed that is just far too comfortable. Damn Sealy. Today we powered through our desire to stay put and got out there though, and did us proud. Even if we both felt like barfing on the way up the stairs back into our apartment.

The run itself was...painful. The last time I ran was at the beginning of April, which was a one-off since my knee protested for a week afterwards. Before that, I hadn't been running regularly since the beginning of March, when I was running about 6 to 7.5 km every other morning, or about 40 minutes. I knew I probably wouldn't be back at square one after so much time off, so we decided to start with 3&1s and did 6 sets over about 4 km. Let me just say...ouch. By the end, I felt as though I'd been running for hours, instead of a measly 18 minutes. However, it hurt in a good way and I'm glad we got out there.

Things around here have really picked up for tourist season. On Wednesday nights, they block off the main drag of downtown and cover it in artist stalls, food stalls and entertainment, which has been fun. Two weeks ago, we got to watch a prom fashion show with a totally perverted host, which was 100% hilarious. His comments about the dresses (being modelled by actual highschoolers) were something along the lines of "Oooooooh...giiirrl...HAWT CHAWCOLATE!" and "I'd loooooove to get into your limo!" The girls put on a brave face and strutted their stuff like no one's business, the crowd looked a mixture of amused and confused, and the owner of the store who was showcased looked mortified. It was the kind of thing that would get someone fired ANYWHERE else, but we saw him up there last week, belting out the sponsors and looking generally as though he'd spent the afternoon hotboxing a car. I love it here.


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