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In the four and a half years that we have been together, Kurt and I have never once been on a trip that wasn't either with family or to visit family, or a combination of the two. Weird, right? Maybe. But when we were in Ottawa, Victoria was always at the top of my list of places to fly to and, if the money and vacation time were there, that's where we went. For the past two years, we've been lucky enough to fit in a sunny 10 days in Mexico each February, where we'd meet up with my parents. My parents are pretty laid back...if we'd wanted to do our own thing and have our "own" vacation each day, we totally could have...but we never felt the need to. What can I say? My parents are cool and we both enjoy their company, and I spend a good portion of my year missing having them around. Also, my Dad's meticulous research has always kept things interesting with new places to scout out. Without them, we never would have found the totally random crocodile farm, the even more random hot springs in the middle of the desert, or the amazing beach we were engaged on.

Other trips together have included a long weekend trip to Maine with his family (mmmm...my mouth still waters for the Maine lobster) and a trip to Florida with them which, actually, was the closest we've come to a trip on our own, since we drove his parents car back to Ottawa (a grand total of 24 hours). We've squeezed in a couple of weekends in Montreal, and most recently, an awesome weekend in New York - without a doubt the best weekend of 2008 so far. I know we've been really lucky to have had opportunities to travel at all and to have always enjoyed paid vacation benefits from our employers. Without these little excursions, however short or functional, I'm not sure I would have lasted the 5 years in Ottawa. It really is hard to be away from family and our favorite people (and the many people who fall into both categories).

Now that we're both in the "away from family" boat, we're even more set on trips that a) get us off the island and b) afford us the chance to visit with these people. Not only that, but there are lots of demands on us to come home as well...not that we mind them one bit. But, we are both more and more excited by the idea of going off on our own and doing our own thing and, with a wedding coming up, there comes along with it an expectation that we will do just that so...the honeymoon research has begun. When? How? And most importantly, where?

We have so far decided on the following:

1) It will be to a place where neither of us has been before AND where the local population does not speak English as its first language.

2) It will be for a significant period of time...hopefully two weeks or more. Best case scenario? A month. (never going to happen).

3) We will be completely out of touch while we're gone. Work will just have to deal.

4) Like Heather, as few North American tourists as possible.

5) Good food. We are foodies, after all.

6) Legwork requirement. I want to do the research and form the perfect trip for us.

7) A TRIP vs. a VACATION. There is a difference.

I have zero interest in honeymooning via any of the following:

1) All-inclusive resort. I have nothing against them, but I'm saving that for a time when I crave a zero-thought, sunny vacation with total and complete relaxation. We'll totally do this at some point...I certainly know enough people who have vacationed this way and had a great time. But, this is a vacation, thus contrary to #7 on the above list. It is also contrary to #6 and #4. It is out.

2) A cruise. I am saving this particular method of travel until I'm old enough, which, according to the thousands that embark on the rock each week (21 square miles but 4 cruise ports...sometimes they're all full), means that I have to be well into my retirement years. I'm also waiting until I can afford to do this. See the world in 106 days...go big, or go home. At $55K each...I expect to be at least 80 when I embark on this journey. Perfect.

3) DisneyWorld. I loathe the Disney culture. Seriously...WTF. I like The Little Mermaid as much as the next person, but I have no interest in spending my honeymoon with her, or any of the other Disney Princesses for that matter.

I'm not sure when this trip will happen. It's possible that it could be done right after our wedding, which would be amazing, but it may have to wait until 2010. Or, for a time when neither of us are working and therefore have no requirement to return...we could just go until the money runs out. We'd need more time to save for that to happen (like...a lot more time), but that would be awesome. Neither of us have done much travelling. I've had three amazing weeks in England and Spain and Kurt's had 3 months in Australia...time to get out there a bit.

Exploring the Mediterranean...travelling through Italy...Tuscany...maybe the Azores. What about Mauritius? Though, it sounds like a larger version of this place with better food.

Mmmmm...vacations. My world pretty much revolves around them. Is that so wrong?


Shannen said...

Not wrong at all...if you take me with you.

Having me come along on your honeymoon...that wouldn't be weird, would it?

Anonymous said...

Not wrong, not even for a second. The thought of Italy and/or Tuscany makes me want to book tickets right now and hop on the next plane. HOWEVER I will be spending 7 glorious days in a Villa (which looks alot like a damn house to me with a insanely overpriced fee!!) in Kissimmee with 15 Family members.
I know your jealous but please, please try and contain yourself. I mean seriously who can resist the idea of $15 dollar ice cream cones and stupid ass hats with Goofy ears?
Thank God for the Florida Mall and from what I hear, cheap booze. *sigh*

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