Homeward Bound. Yes, like the movie.

I'm smack in the middle of booking our summer flights home. It's exciting. While we're touching down in Canada at the end of this month for Teresa and Evans' wedding, this will be our first significant trip back to Canadian soil since we arrived here, and we can't wait for it. We're splitting our time between Ottawa and Victoria, with a bit more time in Victoria for me. As beautiful as the rock is, there are a lot of things we miss, meaning that our vacation will be on the busier side as we try to get our fill (literally, in some cases).

I'm not one to disguise my deep love for my hometown, but some may be surprised to know just how attached I am to Ottawa as well. After all, I was pretty young when I moved there, so the vast majority of my awesome adult (?) memories are definitely concentrated there. I built quite a life for myself in 5 years and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss aspects of it every day. I'm every bit as excited for that portion of the trip as I am for Victoria, but Victoria needs just a tad more of my time due to Operation: Wedding Madness Prevention.

In order to fit everything in, I'm already working out an itinerary for the trip. Ruthless? Maybe. Essential for our (my) sanity? Yes.

Here are some of the "to-do's"...in no particular order:


1. Ensure that house is still standing, roof remains intact, driveway has not buckled under the weight of the snow, and tenant's dog has not effed up the basement carpet. I'm fairly certain that none of the above will be issues...we have the most amazing tenants known to landlords anywhere, despite their four-legged friend.

2. Purchase and arrange installation of new dishwasher to keep above awesome tenants happy.

3. Purchase and arrange installation of new carpet for portion of house, to encourage above awesome tenants to sign on until at least 2010.

4. Have a brief yet satisfying dance party when above awesome tenants sign on until 2010.

5. Pho at phive. Unless phive doesn't work, in which case it can be rescheduled to phour.

6. Thirty (30) full minutes in Wal-Mart, stocking up on the essentials, like $0.97 toothpaste. I loathe the place, but I can't deny the deals. Don't tell my Dad.

7. EAT. We are so homesick for Ottawa's restaurants. There's no way we'll fit all of our favorites into 5 days, but we're going to take a crack at it.

8. Costco. I miss the culture.

9. Ottawa engagement photos, if I can convince a certain D50 to come out to play...

10. Starbucks. Yes. Starbucks. With a stop at Tim's for Kurt.

And...of course...visiting and catching up with various friends/family.


1. Victoria engagement photos. No, it's not huge egos...we get a free one with our photographer (which will also be a great way to get to know her).

2. Wedding location visits and preliminary planning with Kurt and Mom.

3. Very first get-together with my bridesmaids. :-) Perhaps with a side of dress shopping. Yikes.

4. Two words: Heron. Rock. Perhaps a get-together is in order?

5. Some running along the waterfront, though I'm not as starved for ocean air as I have been on previous trips home.

6. Noodle Box.

7. Real estate envy. Maybe a little research on this front as well.

8. Moka House soy praline latté.

9. Reminding Harley of who his true parents are, combined with some general cat love.

9. Home time, plain and simple.

And...of course...visiting and catching up with various friends/family.

Yes, I'm definitely ready to go home. Even if it's just for two weeks, and even if those two weeks aren't particularly relaxing, they will remind us that the world still exists out there (contrary to what you might think if you ever bother to read a copy of the local newspaper), and that home will always be home. Even if you have two. Or, in our case, three.


shannen said...

I'm always free at phive, and my D50 has been longing for your return since the day you left.

Hurry up, please, Ottawa is anxiously awaiting your arrival.

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