Maybe it wasn't ALL entertainment...

Among the many "messages" passed on to me during my 45-minutes with a psychic last weekend was a message that at some point in the next week (this week), I'd receive an unexpected gift of money. Actually, there were a few mentions of unexpected money turning up in the near future. I didn't think much of it, being much more interested in who might be secretly pregnant and brainstorming up business ideas, so imagine my surprise when the following happened, this week:

1. I came home on Tuesday to find an envelope addressed to me from an insurance provider in Canada with a cheque inside. Nothing gigantic, but substantial enough to fund a speedlight flash and a new dress for the wedding at the end of the month! The money had been completely forgotten about and I'm actually shocked that it found its way to me. I would likely never have gone looking for it.

2. I discovered, through casually liasing with some Canadian CA's on the island, that I'd been going about my tax return all wrong and claiming amounts I shouldn't be. Meaning that I was actually stealing money from myself on my own tax return. Awesome! Small corrections were made and BANG. I'm not going to be writing a cheque to CRA this year...they'll be writing one to me.

So...two incidents of "found money" finding its way to me this week. Not bad at all.

Now...getting back to the secretly pregnant person...WHO ARE YOU??


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