Booked and broke.

My Visa card is so hot right now that I can practically feel heat waves coming off of it. Why? Airfare surcharges kicked in and let me just say...ouch. I really, really, really should have booked our summer travel back when we first decided on dates in, oh, March. Instead, I let the weeks pass, putting it off and...guess what? We just paid a whole lot more than we could have if I had been on top of it. What a bust. The other bust was logging onto last night, AFTER having booked a segment of our trip, only to find the entire trip (though routed through the US instead of through Canada on the way home) for almost half of what we paid for our Canadian tickets. Note to self: explore all options. You know, I TRY to support Canadian companies, I TRY to be patriotic and fly in a plane with a maple leaf on it, and all it really does is bite me in the ass. No offense, AC, you know I'll be back, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. We could, quite literally, have purchased round-trip tickets from here to Moscow, London or Rome for less than we just paid to go to Ottawa and Victoria. ROME. I love Victoria, but it's not Rome.

All that being said, I really can't complain. It's my fault. It just makes me even more set on getting our wedding info out there (working on a wedding website...can you say nerd bride?) so that others can take advantage of booking early.


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