A Psychic Afternoon.

On Saturday, I spent 45 minutes with a psychic. I surprised myself, going through with the appointment, because I admit it...I'm a huge skeptic of these things. Not that I don't think that there could be something to it...I've just never found the urge to find out for myself. Plus, I have come across more than one unfortunate individual who completely lives by the predictions of readings, and I've always found that pretty lame. Also, there's a part of me that just doesn't want to know. Even heading into the appointment on Saturday, I was worrying that she would say things that I didn't want to hear and I just don't see the point of freaking myself out for no reason. Anyways, I ultimately decided to go for it...and what an interesting 45 minutes it was.

First of all, the reading was very pleasant. She was a local in every sense of the word, which made it highly entertaining. Some of the stuff she said seemed kind of easy, but other things took me by surprise, because I don't know how she could have made the assumptions she did without knowing anything about me or my current situation. It was cool. I took three pages of notes...here are the highlights:

- I'm going to get an invitation to an event that I don't want to go to (awesome!)
- Kurt is a very, very, very nice guy. This came up approximately every 5 minutes. Apparently his pure heart was radiating into my reading a lot. He is my soul mate. This is good news for our wedding.
- I'm going to receive a proposition from a good friend. No word on what kind of proposition. I hope it's not inappropriate or awkward.
- I have a good friend with a very young blonde daughter who is going to have a baby boy at some point in the future. I really can't figure out who this might be...
- Someone cheap is irritating the crap out of me. (hahahahahahahaha)
- Our finances will always be in fine form. Woo hoo!
- We're going to be moving back to Canada at some point, but we won't always live in the same province we lived in before. This one struck me, because I never mentioned that we were from Canada, or that we have ties to more than one province.
- I won't be at my current job for very long, and my next job will require me to do some more school online.
- I have a very "odd" sister who is very careful with her money and who recently started a new relationship. True, true and true.
- Our first child will be a little boy. He'd better like tea parties and dollhouses.
- Someone I know is pregnant but hasn't told anyone.
- We're apparently going to move out of our current apartment into a place closer to town.
- My wedding dress will be elegant, plain and backless. Sweet!
- Kurt is going to do very, very well in his career. This one was a no-brainer, but it was nice to hear anyways. Apparently a new position is coming his way very soon.
- A girlfriend and I are going to start our own business, and it's going to be very successful. How awesome is that?
- My Mother is going to do a lot for our wedding. Easy.

Money came up over and over in a good way, so that was reassuring too. Even if it's complete crap, who doesn't want to hear that they have money coming their way?

Anyways...it was interesting. Would I do it again? Maybe, one day. I'm going to wait and see how much of the above and the rest of my notes comes true before putting any stock in it, but I did enjoy myself.

Time to start business brainstorming and researching backless dresses now.


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Make sweet love to me.

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