2010: Finding my 30th Year OMFG Moment.

In about a year and a half, I'll be celebrating my 30th birthday, and I've been thinking that I need to do something to mark the occasion and make 2010, my thirtieth year, somewhat remarkable. Here is what I know about 2010 so far:

- I am fairly sure that I will still be living on the Rock.

- I have 20 days of paid vacation. So...Rick Steves' 'Best of Europe in 61 Days' itinerary is out.

- I will be attending a wedding in Victoria in July. Not my own. (is it too soon to be making wedding jokes??...testing...testing...ummmm....only minor internal turmoil. Wedding jokes are a go).

Those are my tentative plans for 2010 so far. None of which, save the Rock and perhaps a new wedding date for K and me, are particularly remarkable.

There have been a few moments in my life where I've been able to detatch for a second and think to myself "wow...I can't believe I just did that". The first night we spent together in our apartment here on the Rock was one of them. The frogs were beeping up a ruckus outside and we were laying there on a partially-inflated air mattress listening to them when it just kind of hit me. A mixture of "oh f#$@" and "this is the greatest thing ever". The Rock, not the frogs.

Another moment was the first night I spent in my apartment in Ottawa, nearly 7 years ago. That was more "oh f$#@", because we didn't have air conditioning and it was approximately 40 degrees in our living room.

Like I said before, a major trip is out of the question, really. I need to space those days out over the course of the year and we've got tentative plans for Barcelona and Napa next spring and November, respectively. Plus, a trip would be for us both and I want my 30th Year OMFG Moment to be all about me. Not to sound selfish but seriously...I want to ring in my 30's like no one's business. I don't want 30 to wash over me in a lukewarm way, the same way my past few birthdays have.

I was a bit stumped but then today I found myself lunching with my favorite Aussie who casually mentioned in between bites of her panini that she was going to run the New York Marathon in November. A light went on, I have to say. So, when I got back to work I spent the remainder of my lunch hour researching a bit and...I found myself just a little bit inspired. Could I run the New York Marathon in 2010?

Back in Ottawa, I was getting very into running. I was loving it, actually, and ran my first races the summer before we moved. My times weren't fantastic (I blame this on Ottawa Race Weekend '07 being the hottest ever), but I had fun and the sense of accomplishment at the end of it was exhilarating. And that was just a 5K.

Running is kind of a big deal on the Rock. It's not the safest thing to do on the roads here, but there are running clubs, lots of road races all through the year, and lots of people always looking for someone to train with.

I might *might* might have found my 30th Year OMFG Moment. It might be the finish line at Tavern on the Green in Central Park, November, 2010.


I would have 16 months to train...MORE than ample time. Far more. But enough to fit in a lot of practice.

I wonder if I could do it.


Heatherness said...

You can definitely do it.
Me? Not so much.

Shan Banane said...

Again, ditto, Heather.

I love that you are considering this as your OMFG moment. I still find a 10k, which, btw, I have not run since 2005, to be the absolute furthest I can go.

And I'm ok with that. Most days.

If you run the marathon, I promise to be there on the sidelines and to enjoy the beverage with you at the end of it all. Does that add to the reward??

Kristin. said...

It totally does. I'm holding you to that. ;-)

Well, the furthest I've ever ran at one time was 8K and the furthest I've ever raced is 5K so...a marathon would be nothing short of miraculous.

And, if this really happens, I'm going to want an entourage to celebrate with when I'm done. And to help push me around in a wheelchair because I'm fairly certain my body would be rendered useless afterwards.

Kizzy said...

I totally think that you could and SHOULD do it. Though I will not be your training buddy this time (ah, the memories of the the Lululemon 5K running group (tear)), I know that you can pull it off.

Ryan chose to mark, his 30th year with running a half marathon (on what was one of the warmest days in Ottawa to date) AND becoming a father all in the SAME year!!

Make your goals realistic -- I would say, just finish and who cares how long it takes you.

If you do it let me know 'cause I would love to be at the finish line when you do for a high fiv'er in celebration!!

Gen said...

Amazing idea Kris...I LOVE IT!

Just be sure to note that the NY city marathon is by lottery...so start entering your name now because you're allowed to defer your entry for one year.

Running a marathon is amazing(though not necessarily at the time!!!!)...I'm pretty pumped for you!

Kristin. said...

Thanks ladies! I'd definitely love to have a cheering section at the finish line.

Gen - because of where I live, I would get guaranteed entry. Each country gets a certain number of spots and my little country doesn't use all the spots it's given, meaning that all you have to do, barring some strange influx of marathon runners next year, is get your name to the right person. Big perk!

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