July 18: SaturDAY.

It's almost noon and I'm still lounging around the house, looking a bit "unkempt" (my hair is a disaster these days - haircut booked for August 2), and feeling a bit lazy. I don't feel unproductive though, because I just finished July's Book Club book and now I'm ready to discuss it with the ladies this week over some wine. Verdict? I liked it. It was a heavy read - easy TO read, but difficult to take in. Mostly because many of the stories are written by women who are still serving their sentences, so you finish reading these experiences that I, for one, can not even begin to imagine, and then you start wondering about then and realize how flawed the justice system is. Which is pretty much the reason behind me finishing my criminal justice degree early and opting to do a double major in political science, to get away from the feeling of hopelessness that comes from reading or learning about the people in the system, not just the crimes.

Sad. Good book. Light summer reading? Definitely not!

Up next?

Title: The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women by Dawn Dais

This will either inspire me or convince me that I'm insane to even think about doing this. I'll let you know.


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