July 15: Making a list...checking it twice...

I've already started my packing list for our trip to Victoria next month. I'm going to try to take home some of my book collection to pawn off on various readers, so that should weigh me down a bit. But, I'd rather bring them out there than leave them here to rot on the shelves. How can I possibly have this many books? Oh right. Because I have a PROBLEM. Amazon should ban me.

So far, my list includes the following:

- my good friends, Nikon and Canon. Canon fits in my purse.
- my journal, for any general reflection and/or insights I may have. Or to doodle in on the plane.
- iPod Touch, loaded with a season of a TV show (TBD)
- iPod charger
- Kurt
- cell phone, for international text messaging purposes (hi, Ash!)
- Canadian SIM card so I can actually use my allegedly international cell phone
- my local debit card, which is cleverly disguised as a VISA (and therefore accepted everywhere)
- a necklace which needs repairing
- August's Book Club Book: Middlesex

Oh, and maybe some clothing. And toothpaste. And my favorite earrings.

That's as far as I've gotten, but seeing as I'm still 3 weeks out, I think I'm doing OK.


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