July 18: Three weeks minus one day...

...until we're on the plane! I'm seriously getting so excited. I'm like a kid before Christmas when I have a trip home looming...all of the things I miss the most packed into a fun week? Pretty much nothing better than that, in my opinion.

We've finally decided to drag ourselves outside into the sweltering heat and make something of our Saturday. It's so ridiculously hot here. Not even a good "let's go to the beach hot". It's more of an "oh my god my skin is melting" kind of hot. Blech.

We're going to go find ourselves a nice lunch and a cold drink somewhere, preferably in the shade. Tonight, I have a "date" with my friend Amy. We're going to find a bite to eat and then go and get a bit artsy by joining the art gallery and checking out their latest exhibit. Apparently, members can showcase photography, so this might be something I can do down the road, when I get my shit together and actually start taking some photographs again. Luckily, Amy is also into cameras and such, so maybe a future "date" could be to go out and take some photos of the flowers, the water, the fried chicken...you know. The cultural stuff.

K is going out with some guys from work to play poker, which is funny since I know for a fact that he does not know how to play poker at all. I'm glad he's taking his own money.

OK. Procrastination needs to stop...time to get OFF the COUCH and ON with the DAY. Because it's already half over! Happy Saturday!


Ashleigh said...

I wanna go on a date with you AND Amy. I could be the third wheel, that knows nothing about art...but I do like pictures of fried chicken

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