The Mexican Egg.


- egg whites (I wimp out and use EggBeaters egg whites because who has the time to crack an egg? Not me.)
- diced onion
- salsa of your choice. My favorite is salsa verde.

Saute the onion. Add the egg whites. Scramble. When scrambled, add a titch of salsa...say, 1/3 cup. Continue to scramble. Transfer to bowl. Add hot sauce, if desired.


When I moved to Ottawa with the lovely half-Mexican, Kathie, I instantly found myself in the presence of a culinary master. Nothing Kat made was particularly difficult, or time consuming, but it was all delicious. For students, we definitely ate far better than most. It was probably during that time that I started getting interested in cooking...we whipped up some pretty great meals.

But my favorite "take away" from that tiny kitchen was Kat's Mexican eggs, which she made as often as we could get our hands on salsa verde. She was a bit fancier with hers - she used whole eggs and added cheese and other tasty add-ins to the final product, but the basics were there - onion, eggs, salsa.

Over the past few months, I've found myself heading towards the coffee shop/bakery on the way to work more often than I'd like, mostly because of the lack of quick breakfast food in the house, paired with the fact that I kept sleeping in too late to make anything. So, instead of my healthy green smoothies, I was having muffins. And by eating a muffin, I would find myself starving again by 10:00...not good. And, it was hurting my wallet a bit. Once I got into The Hormone Diet (buy it, buy it, buy it), I realized just how much harm this was probably doing. So, I took the hint, spent 5 minutes at the grocery store, diced up an onion and stored it already chopped in the fridge and now I get up and make myself a delicious meal in approximately 7 minutes. A meal that is so packed with healthy protein that it keeps me full until lunch time. I've brought back the Mexican Egg and now it's my new breakfast staple.

My jar of salsa verde is almost empty. But there is some chipotle salsa following hot on it's heels...


Heatherness said...

mmmmm dinner time

Shannen said...

It's 10:24 here and you just made me hungry again. And the worst part is that I had scrambled eggs for dinner. I love eggs.

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