New neighbors.

Two of the apartments in our four-apartment building have been empty for awhile and now, as of today, we have two sets of new neighbors. I hope they aren't assholes.

I can't wait to move. I mentioned in my previous post that we are planning to move in the fall. As much as our apartment is lovely, I can't wait to live in a place that feels like a house and not...well, an apartment. We have two rooms, really. And if I'm not in one, I'm in the other. Where's the surprise? Where's the separation? When K wants to watch a movie that I'm not into (like, say, Mall Cop), what do I do? Do I go in the backyard? No, because we don't have one. So, I go into the bedroom. But the good lighting is in the living room, so it's not a great place to read. Anyways, the main issue really is that we have no outdoor space and we're dying to have a BBQ and a place to sit outside when we get home from work and want to lounge around with a cold drink and talk (or not talk) about our day. I really miss that awesome deck that we left behind...the deck that K built with his Dad while I was in Spain in 2006. It was, in a word, fantastic.

Another reason to move is to be closer to town, because we are about as not central as you can get on a tiny island and, believe it or not, the commute is tedious. We can't have a big night out without having to think about how we're getting home, etc. and it's annoying. A cab ride from town to our place would easily set us back $50, so that's not really an option on a regular basis.

So...yes. Time to start apartment hunting...


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