Today, K took his mountain bike and our adorable Puerto Rican friend and the two of them went off for a guys afternoon on the Rock. It is HOT today, so I'm sure there was a beer stop along the way, but I think they rode all the way from our house into town, which is fairly impressive. And about half the length of a marathon (though they would have taken the long way, along windy biking paths). The Rock is the length of a marathon. As in, running a marathon is the equivalent to running from one end of this country to the other. Maybe I should rethink my tentative goal.

I had the afternoon to myself and what did I do with it? A beautiful, HOT, sunny day? I spent it indoors, cleaning our apartment, tackling laundry, making (and eating) guacamole with the avocado that looked like it was about to take a turn for the worse, and watching the L Word in between. I just adore those crazy lesbians. If I could pick just one of them for a best friend, I think I'd have a hard time choosing but it would probably come down to either Shane or Alice. I loathe Jenny.

I used to feel guilty about spending nice days indoors. But this was when I lived in a place that didn't have sunny days back to back for months on end. Now, I actually relish a day at home - the apartment that we spend a fortune on each month and feel like we rarely have a chance to enjoy it.

I have been a bit book crazy on Amazon lately. It happens once or twice a year and it can get a bit out of control, like now. I'm waiting for my third order of books, which should arrive next week. Summer always seems to demand light, easy reads but I've been going for 100% non-fiction - books on writing, photography, cooking, health, fitness...just trying to get inspired, I guess. And there's pretty much nothing better than a big stack of books waiting to be read, so I think I'll start chipping away at them tonight. The question is which book to dive into first...

Anyways, K just texted me from the ferry, on his way home. Maybe we'll go find dinner somewhere, if he's still able to walk after a whole day on his bike.


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